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Princess Di`s ex Hasnat Khan says new biopic portrays betrayal of their relationship

Princess Diana`s former beau, Hasnat Khan, has slammed her new biopic ` Diana` claiming that the Naomi Watts starrer projects a betrayal of their relationship.

What`s common between Naomi Watts, Princess Diana?

Naomi Watts, who is essaying the titular role in `Diana`, shares a sense of humour similar as the late Princess of Wales, who tragically died in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

Naveen Andrews preferred 'Caught In Flight' to 'Diana'

Naveen Andrews thinks 'Caught In Flight', the original title for new biopic 'Diana', was a more fitting name for the movie.

Naomi Watts hopes `Diana` story is told sensitively

Naomi Watts, who plays lead role in forthcoming biopic `Diana`, hopes the story of the movie has been told in a respectful and sensitive manner.

Naomi Watts was worried about Princess Diana biopic

Naomi Watts says she was worried about the reaction of Prince William and Harry to `Diana`, a biopic on their mother, the late Princess Diana.

Naomi Watts says she `fell in love` with Princess Diana while filming

Naomi Watts, who is to star in the upcoming biopic `Diana`, is apparently worried about her physical appearance in the flick.

Diana wanted to marry and move to Pak: Jemima Khan

Princess Diana was so "madly in love" with Pakistani surgeon Hasnat Khan that she wanted to marry him and was even willing to move to Pakistan, according to Jemima Khan.

Princess Diana`s Pakistani lover suspects hacking

Princess Diana`s former lover Hasnat Khan fears that her last few very personal messages left on his phone may have been hacked by British journalists.