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Ensure ventilation to keep air at home clean

Ensure ventilation to keep air at home clean

Sitesh Roy, Immunologist and Official Consultant with Sharp Business Systems (India) Pvt Ltd -- exporters of air purifiers -- has shared a few tips which can ensure a healthy indoor air quality:

Five ways for a stress-free, happy life!

But, happiness is a choice. It depends on how well we can control over our emotional well-being, no matter what happens.  

Global Wellness Day: 7 basic steps to kickstart a healthy lifestyle!

Here are the 7 basic steps to help you start living a healthier and better life.

Global life expectancy increased by 5 years since 2000: WHO

The report states that globally life expectancy increased by 5 years between 2000 and 2015, the fastest increase since the 1960s. 

Summer Special: Give your skin a natural detox with these five amazing foods!

Detoxification boosts your energy, helps with weight loss, clears your mind, promotes healthier hair, clarifies your complexion.

Salt water bath: Know why it's good for your health!

Bathing with salt water means a healthy bath! Read on to know how!

Black is back: This is why you should drink black tea for good health!

Tea in black form is a healthier option than normal tea.

Improve your work habits; know what you're doing wrong!

It’s not only the long working hours that drain all your energy, but a number of workplace habits could be accountable for taking a toll on your health.  

Exercise good for the elderly's brains

Older adults can improve their brain function by raising their fitness level, a study shows.

Yoga with Zee: Raveena Tandon shares her yogic knowledge

Renowned bollywood actress, Raveena Tandon elaborates the importance of Yoga in one's life and her own.

Yoga Zee Living: Experience healthy living with Acharya Prathishta

Experience healthy living with Acharya Prathishta. Yoga should be a part of daily life. It provides solace to the body and mind.

Yoga Zee Living: Incredible stories of people healed by yoga

Yoga Zee Living: Watch some incredible stories of people healed by yoga.

Know what can help you live up to 100 years!

Want to live a 100 years? Just follow a few healthy habits and live on!

World Health Day 2015: Make food safety a shared responsibility

It is a known fact that good health is intrinsic to human happiness. You may own a sprawling home or expensive clothes, but if your body is not well, all possessions seem worthless. For a good life, the perfect mind-body synchronisation is a must.

Five foods you must eat everyday for a healthy living!

Many of us remain unaware about certain foods that we need to include in our daily diet. We need to eat a variety of foods each day to keep ourselves fit and fend off many diseases.

Daily dose of one minute walk can be 'lifesaving

So it turns out the price of healthy living is really not that much, as a mere 60 seconds walk per day can help cut the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Healthier lifestyle could have prevented over half a million cancer cases

A new report has revealed that healthy living could have prevented almost 600,000 cases of cancer in the UK over the last five years.

Indians living longer, healthier lives: Lancet

India has made great strides in reducing both child and adult mortality since 1990, says a global study, adding that adults and children in the country are living longer and healthier lives than two decades earlier.

Home cooked food, the ideal recipe for healthy diet

People who frequently cook meals at home eat healthier and consume fewer calories than those who cook less, says a study.