Some heart disease drugs, antibiotics may help in treating cancer

According to a new study, published in the journal Cancer Research, researchers have identified drugs that showed promising perspectives in treatment of cancer.

Useful tips to prevent lifestyle diseases!

Following certain guidelines can help prevent or cut down your risk of getting lifestyle diseases.

Did you know? Taller people have greater risk of cancer!

The study shows that the taller a person is the lower their risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, but their risk of cancer increases.

Depression ups stroke and heart disease risk in elderly

During all study visits, fewer than 10 percent of the participants were taking medications for depression.

Did you know? Women's heart attack symptoms different from men!

Women have different symptoms of heart attack than men do, says a new study.

How Aged Garlic Extract can protect your heart

Aged Garlic Extract can stop heart disease from progressing and in some cases, even reverse artery plaque accumulation, according to a new study.

Want a flat tummy? Eat avocados

Avocado is one of the best foods to eat, particularly if you are trying to lose weight and flatten your tummy.

Saturated fat, sugar are contributors to coronary heart disease

One in every six deaths in the United States and throughout the developed world takes place due to Atherosclerotic Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).

Are you obese? Cut down on siting time to reduce heart disease risk

Sedentary behaviour is associated with poor cardiovascular health and diabetes in adults with severe obesity, independent of how much exercise they perform.

Pre-pregnancy potato consumption may boost diabetes risk: Study

Eating lots of potatoes -- especially chips or crisps -- is linked to a higher risk for women of developing a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy, a study said Wednesday.

Exercise cuts heart disease risk among the depressed

They used questionnaires to evaluate patients for depression and levels of physical activity and also looked several early indicators of heart disease.

Heart diseases emerge to be the biggest killer worldwide!

Heart disease and stroke were the number one and number two killers worldwide in 2013, reveals a new report.

Top 5 foods to lower blood cholesterol

Believe it or not but the diet to eat plays an important role in keeping the cholesterol level in check.

Kids with common allergies at high heart disease risk

Children with allergic disease had a much higher risk for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Impotent men at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes

Men diagnosed with infertility are at higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, alcohol abuse and drug abuse compared to fertile men, a new study has revealed.

Heart patient? Cut down on sitting time

 If you are suffering from ailments related to the heart, make it a point to get up and move every half an hour as researchers have found that patients with heart disease who sit a lot have worse health even if they exercise.

Air pollution puts diabetic women at high heart disease risk

A new study suggests that diabetics who are exposed to particulate matter are at high risks of cardiovascular disease.

Hidden belly fat may be killing you: Expert

Visceral or "belly fat" stored within the abdominal cavity can do more harm to health than subcutaneous fat (fatty tissue lying directly under the skin), says an expert.

Higher `resting` heart rate linked to premature death

In the study, researchers assessed 46 studies involving 1 246 203 patients and 78 349 deaths from all causes, and 848 320 patients and 25 800 deaths from heart disease.

Walking faster, longer good for elderly

The study found that those who were more active had significantly lower risk of future heart attacks and stroke.