Top five superfoods for your heart's health!

Top five superfoods for your heart's health!

Top five superfoods for your heart's health!

Want healthy heart? Include barley in your diet!

Do you want to improve your heart health and perhaps even live longer?

Ambulance ferries heart from Pune to Mumbai in record 95 minutes, 14-year-old boy saved!

Authorities had to create a green corridor between the two cities to allow the heart to reach Mumbai in the stipulated time which otherwise would have taken at least three hours.

Beware! Long sitting hours increase heart attack risk

A new study have revealed that spending too much time sitting is not good for heart.

Top five health benefits of litchi!

Litchi is a fruit which is loved by all especially during summer season.

Loneliness, isolation may up heart disease, stroke risk: Study

Analysis of the data showed that loneliness/social isolation was associated with a 29 per cent increased risk of a heart or angina attack and a 32 per cent heightened risk of having a stroke.

Daily aspirin can keep you `hearty` in your 50s

People in their 50s with risk factors for cardiovascular disease can benefit from popping one aspirin daily, says a government-appointed panel of independent experts.

Irregular heart rhythm leads to poor physical performance

 Older adults who develop irregular heartbeat are likely to have more age-related declines in walking speed, strength, balance and other aspects of physical performance, new research has found.

Heart rate fluctuations affect wisdom

The study is also help scientists to understand wise reasoning better.

High-carb shakes can be detrimental to heart

The research has found that consuming high-carb shakes can reduce the ANP level to 25 percent. ANP is a hormone that reduces blood pressure and helps the body get rid of excess salt.

Find out if you are ruled by head, heart or hands—Play quiz!

Find out if you are ruled by head, heart or hands—Play quiz!

This one quiz is rather interesting. Ever wondered whether your are ruled by your head, heart or hands? Well, today you can find out, by taking this fun quiz.

Click here for playing: 

Yoga can make life better for people with abnormal heart rhythm

Study found that patients who did yoga had a better quality of life, lower heart rate and lower blood pressure than patients who did not do yoga.

3-D heart, liver tissues that function like real organs grown

The work was published in the journal Nature Materials.

Here’s how to calculate the age of your heart!

The Heart Age calculator can help you find out the age of your heart. 

High intensity exercise may be bad for your heart!

There is already fairly compelling evidence supporting the association between long-term sports practice and increased prevalence of atrial fibrillation -- abnormal heart rhythm characterised by rapid and irregular beating.

Predicting right-size of heart valves before surgery

The computer simulation project, a collaboration between Flamini and Puneet Bhatla from NYU Langone School of Medicine, began in the summer of 2014.

An egg a day doesn't risk your heart

The study did not establish a link between dietary cholesterol or eating eggs with thickening of the common carotid artery walls, either.

Staving off sudden heart death may soon be possible

A team of researchers has found a potential preventive treatment for sudden cardiac death.