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Extreme heat waves in Africa could occur annually by 2045

Extreme heat waves in Africa could occur annually by 2045

Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change and even a modest rise in average global temperature could have severe consequences for the people living there.

Searing heat waves could hit world every year by 2075

Searing heat waves could hit world every year by 2075

If emissions are aggressively cut, the extreme heat events could be significantly reduced significantly, although 18% of the Earth would still face dangerous heat waves.

US group launches Ahmedabad model-based toolkit for heat waves

Based on Ahmedabad's pioneering "Heat Action Plan", a US-based environmental advocacy group has released a toolkit to tackle heat waves and rising temperatures on the sidelines of Paris climate change summit.

More heat waves in the offing due to global warming

Global warming may cause more frequent heat waves and of longer duration in many regions of the country, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said today.

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Folic acid helps elderly bare with heat waves

Folic acid supplements may be an inexpensive alternative for helping older adults to increase skin blood flow during heat waves and reduce cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke, suggests a new research.

Heat waves becoming more prominent in urban areas: Study

The world's urban areas have experienced significant increases in heat waves over the past 40 years, according to researchers from India and the US.

Human-caused climate change blamed for some heat waves

Human-caused climate change blamed for some heat waves

Heat waves last year in Asia, Europe and Australia were influenced by human-caused climate change, but not all extreme weather events could be linked to global warming, scientists said Monday.

Environmentalists warn against waiting too long to deal with climate change

Environmentalists have warned policy makers that if they do not act upon the impending dangers of human-made climate change now and continue to wait, then it might be too late.

Heat waves increase chances of early-term delivery by 27%

Researchers have suggested that when temperatures reach 32 degree Celsius or higher over a period of four to seven days, the risk of early-term delivery is 27 per cent higher than on typical summer days.

Future heat waves threat to global food supply

Heat waves could significantly reduce crop yields and threaten global food supply if climate change is not tackled and reversed, research shows.

Six easy ways to prevent heat stroke

As heat wave conditions continue throughout the country, many people have succumbed to heat stroke. So it’s necessary to be a little cautious and fight the heat.

Delhi sizzles at 45 deg Celsius, hotter days ahead

The national capital is baking with temperatures hovering close to 45 degrees and the weatherman predicts hotter days this week.

Global warming `increasing monthly heat records by factor of 5`

In parts of Europe, Africa and southern Asia the number of monthly records has increased even by a factor of 10.

Global warming behind recent extreme summers

Recent heat waves and extreme summers were likely caused by global warming, said researchers.

Top 10 global weather events in 2010

A panel of experts has ranked the top 10 global weather and climate events of 2010.

‘Heat waves could be commonplace in US by 2039’

A study claims that heat waves in US could be very frequent in the next 30 years.