Heath Ledger was alluring, beyond his years: Jake Gyllenhaal

Heath Ledger was alluring, beyond his years: Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal remembers his co-star Heath Ledger in 'Brokeback Mountain'

Hilarious throwback video of Heath Ledger goes viral

Hilarious throwback video of Heath Ledger goes viral

 A video featuring the late Heath Ledger and "Kath and Kim" actress Magda Szubanski from 2006 went viral this week, after being featured in a Throwback Thursday post.

Tom Bateman took hints from Heath Ledger's Joker for role

Tom Bateman took hints from Heath Ledger's Joker for role

Actor Tom Bateman will soon be seen on TV screens in brand new superhero-inspired adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde and he says he took inspiration from Heath Ledger's Joker for his role on the show.

Michelle Williams sells home she shared with Heath Ledger

Hollywood actress Michelle Williams has sold a Brooklyn house she once shared with her late partner Heath Ledger.

Heath Ledger was the best kisser, says Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has revealed that Heath Ledger was her best ever on-screen kiss.

Child artiste Skye McCole Bartusiak no more

Skye McCole Bartusiak, who played Mel Gibson`s daughter in the 2000 hit movie "The Patriot", has died at the age of 21.

Heath Ledger`s diary reveals extremes he took to play Joker in `The Dark Knight`

Heath Ledger left behind a production diary, where he developed ideas to portray Batman`s nemesis Joker in `The Dark Knight`.

Heath Ledger remembered with charity t-shirt

The family of late actor Heath Ledger have marked the fifth anniversary of the tragic star`s death by releasing a commemorative T-Shirt.

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel split

`My Week With Marilyn` star Michelle Williams and `How I Met Your Mother` actor Jason Segel have reportedly decided to go separate ways because of long-distance relationship.

Matt Damon took same-sex kissing tips from Heath Ledger

Actor Matt Damon took tips from actor Heath Ledger on how to kiss a man as the latter had played the role of a gay cowboy in 2005 movie ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Sujoy Ghosh asks not to compare Bane with Joker

Sujoy Ghosh, who watched ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is upset with people comparing the film`s antagonist Bane to the character of Joker.

Watching Heath Ledger was dazzling: Gary Oldman

For veteran British actor Gary Oldman, watching late actor Heath Ledger in films was an amazing experience.

When Joker made Batman cry

Actor Christian Bale couldn`t hold back his tears when he saw late actor Heath Ledger on screen while introducing the trailer of his new movie `The Dark Knight Rises`.

Heath Ledger was brilliant in `The Dark Knight`: Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy says his villainous role as Bane in the new Batman film shouldn`t be compared to Heath Ledger`s critically acclaimed performance as The Joker.

Josh Hutcherson buys Heath Ledger`s tree house

`The Hunger Games` star Josh Hutcherson has bought a USD 3 million mansion known as the Tree House.

Michelle Williams’ daughter growing up to be dad Heath Ledger’s `look-alike`

Michelle Williams’ daughter is growing up and apparently bearing an uncanny resemblance to her father Heath Ledger.

Is Michelle Williams dating Jason Segel?

Michelle Williams has a romance in her life, the actress is dating sitcom How I Met Your Mother`s actor Jason Segel.

Michelle Williams wanted another baby after Ledger’s death

Michelle Williams has revealed that she tried to find a new serious relationship after Heath Ledger’s death, as she wanted a sibling for their daughter Matilda.

LiLo’s secret diary reveals she was in love with Heath Ledger

A diary which has reportedly been written by Lohan reveals that the actress was “in love” with Heath Ledger.

Michelle Williams keeping hair short as ‘memorial’ to ex Heath Ledger

Michelle Williams prefers to keep her hair short in memory of her late ex-fiance Heath Ledger.