This material reflects heating sunlight away from buildings
This material reflects heating sunlight away from buildings

Engineers from Stanford University have invented a revolutionary coating material that can help cool buildings by radiating heat away from the buildings and sending it directly into space.

Universe reached peak heat 11 billion years ago

Astronomers have identified the point where the Universe moved from heating to cooling - 11 billion years ago, when the temperature was an astonishing 13,000 degrees Celsius, hotter than the surface of the Sun.

How office energy bills can be cut down

Researchers have shown how the ubiquity of smart phones connected to the office network can be used to monitor occupancy and reduce heating or air conditioning for unused spaces.

`Oceans absorbing excess heat from global warming`

A new study has lent weight to the idea that the oceans are taking up some of the excess heat.

Now, bracelet that heats or cools your body in one switch

MIT scientists have developed a novel thermoelectric bracelet that keeps tabs on air and skin temperature and allows you to control your body temperature.

Sangma’s cell phone no. used for cheating

Former Lok Sabha Speaker PA Sangma’s cell number was allegedly used to cheat a bank
employee and extract money from him in Meghalaya`s West Garo Hills district.