Transformers on China's streets! When cranes clashed in a shocking battle - Watch

Transformers on China's streets! When cranes clashed in a shocking battle - Watch

A rivalry between two construction-material firms in China's Xingtang County, in the Hebei provincial capital of Shijiazhuang, turned into an ugly battle on Sunday when their workers clashed on the streets in a high-pitched battle involving knives, pellet guns, sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and – you won't believe your eyes – front-loaders/ cranes!

New Year glow for China`s `lantern capital`

Carefully steadying the gleaming red lantern between her knees, a worker applied the Chinese character for "wealth" in golden glitter -- one of the millions that will illuminate the forthcoming Lunar New Year.

Fifteen killed in illegal Chinese fireworks warehouse blast

Fifteen people were killed and more than a dozen injured in China Sunday when an illegal fireworks warehouse exploded in the northern Hebei province, state media reported.

Head of Buddha statue from Japan reunited with body in China

A Chinese collector has bought the head of a Buddha statue from Japan and brought it back to China, where it was united with the rest of the statue.

China to crack down on exotic dancers at village funerals

China will crack down on strippers who perform at rural funerals, the Ministry of Culture said on Thursday, taking aim at performances it described as illegal and which corrupt "social morals".

Two million-year-old 'playground' discovered in northern China

 In a remarkable discovery, researchers have found at an eroded basin in China's northern Hebei province what appears to be nearly two million-year-old "playground" of early hominids.

Eight killed in China road accident

 At least eight people were killed and six injured Tuesday when a truck crashed into a bus stop in China`s Hebei province.

Communist Party official sacked for daughter`s lavish wedding

Communist Party of China official heading a poverty-stricken township was sacked for holding his daughter`s wedding in extravagant manner, violating austerity measures backed by President Xi Jinping.

Sperm banks struggle to attract donors in China

Almost three decades after China opened its first sperm bank, such fertility institutions are dealing with a worsening shortage of healthy sperm, despite repeated efforts to recruit more donors.

China covered by fog; Beijing air hazardous

Major parts of eastern and central China were shrouded under a thick layer of haze and fog today while pollution in the capital city of Beijing was at `hazardous` levels.

China arrests 802 for alleged child trafficking

China`s strict one-child policy has driven a thriving market in babies, especially boys because of a traditional preference for male heirs.

China drug safety probe nets local council chief

Song Jiangxin allegedly ordered the torching of a factory that made gelatin capsules from industrial waste.

China plans to build world`s largest airport

China`s one will replace America`s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport as the busiest airport in the world.