AMU fellow elected to Israel's Hebrew varsity students' union
AMU fellow elected to Israel's Hebrew varsity students' union

A madrasa-educated student from prestigious Aligarh Muslim University has become the first Indian to be elected to represent about 2,000 foreign students from 80 countries in Israel's famed Hebrew University.

AMU fellow elected to Israel's Hebrew University Student Union

Zulfiqar Sheth, a doctoral fellow from Aligarh Muslim University, has become the first Indian to be elected to represent overseas students at Israel's prestigious Hebrew University Student Union.

New molecule could help lower diabetics` risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer`s

Researchers have created a molecule that has the potential to lower diabetic patients` higher risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer`s disease.

Archaeologists uncover King David`s 3000-year-old palace

Two large structures believed to have been a part of King David`s palace, have been unearthed by archaeologists in Jerusalem.

Picking up second language determined by ability to learn patterns

A new study has suggested that learning to understand and read a second language may be driven, at least in part, by our ability to pick up on statistical regularities.

Asteriod gets named after Hebrew University

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has joined the ranks of famous people and places whose names appear on minor planets.

Indian students headed for Asian Science Camp in Jerusalem

Three hundred students from across the world, including India, will converge in Jerusalem this week for the sixth Asian Science Camp to be held there from August 26 to 30.

Combat bad breath with rays of `light`

Bacteria in saliva which causes bad breath can be killed by exposure to blue light from tooth-whitening lamps, a study has claimed.

`Excess weight during pregnancy bad for offspring`

Gaining too much weight during pregnancy could cause serious and long-lasting health complications to your baby later in life.

Original Einstein manuscripts to be posted online

All 80,000 items in Albert Einstein`s archives, including personal correspondence with half a dozen lovers and a poignant postcard to his ailing mother, are going online.

Albert Einstein`s archives to be digitised

Over 80,000 documents of the Einstein archives at a university in Jerusalem would now be digitised.

Holocaust survivor donates $100,000 to Hebrew University

Hebrew University has received a surprise donation of USD 100,000 from an unexpected benefactor - a Jewish woman who survived the Nazi Holocaust and lived as destitute in Manhattan.