Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen only buys 'ethically' made clothes

Helena Christensen only buys 'ethically' made clothes

Model Helena Christensen says she is unnerved by the "mass production" of clothing and only wears well-made clothes and gives away items when she stops wearing them.

May 04, 2015, 17:14 PM IST
Helena Christensen rejects `Real Housewives of New York City` role

Helena Christensen rejects `Real Housewives of New York City` role


New York: Helena Christensen has turned down the role in 'The Real Housewives of New York City.'

Sep 05, 2014, 15:52 PM IST

Helena Christensen strips naked at age 44

Helena Christensen has proved that she has a perfect body even at the age of 44 by posing nude for the new issue of FutureClaw.

Jul 12, 2013, 14:23 PM IST

Helena Christensen defends pregnant Kim Kardashian over weight gain

Helena Christensen has defended Kim Kardashian against criticism of her weight and slammed the recent bullying over her changing body as "sacrilegious."

Mar 30, 2013, 17:51 PM IST

Hollywood A-listers flee homes after Hurricane Sandy hits NYC

Hollywood A-listers are fleeing New York’s hip downtown for the Upper East Side, following the power failure caused by monster storm Sandy.

Nov 02, 2012, 17:14 PM IST

Helena Christensen says she likes old-fashioned bras

Helena, who has been whipping her clothes off for modeling jobs for a long time, has said that she “not really a Wonderbra girl”.

Feb 26, 2012, 08:41 AM IST

Fashion industry has stayed the same: Helena Christensen

Former supermodel Helena Christensen doesn`t think the fashion industry has changed after she first found fame in it in the 90s.

Jan 29, 2012, 08:18 AM IST

Legendary supermodel Helena Christensen`s beauty rules!

Helena Christensen believes both personality and looks are important when it comes to being beautiful.

Jul 24, 2011, 08:53 AM IST

Helena Christensen was a shy child

Helena Christensen says that she was quite `shy` while growing up and is quite self-conscious even now.

Jul 19, 2011, 08:44 AM IST

Helena Christensen highlights Nepal villagers` plight due to climate change

Hindus have applauded supermodel-actress Helena Christensen (Allegro) for highlighting the sufferings of the villagers of southern Nepal due to climate change.

Nov 23, 2010, 16:33 PM IST