Venezuela opposition holds primaries before poll date announcement

 Venezuela`s opposition has held primaries even though no date has yet been set for a much- anticipated general election for the 165-mmember National Assembly (AN), Efe news agency reported.

Venezuela opposition leader fears vote will be scrapped

Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles says he fears President Nicolas Maduro`s crisis-hit government, fearing a humiliating loss, will cancel key Legislative Elections later this year.

No progress in Venezuela meeting to end protests

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leaders traded barbs for six hours on national TV late Thursday over two months of nationwide anti-government protests.

Venezuela unrest shakes up opposition

One month ago, Henrique Capriles was Venezuela`s undisputed opposition leader, espousing a vision of dialogue and measured dissent towards the socialist government.

Venezuela`s Maduro calls for talks to defuse mass protests

The leftist government of President Nicolas Maduro is still reeling from a massive protest march in Caracas Saturday called for by opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

Venezuela Opposition demands freedom of political detainees

Leaders of the Venezuelan Opposition and students` representatives led a massive demonstration here and announced a list of demands for the government that includes freedom for political detainees.

Capriles urges talks with Venezuelan government

Venezuelan presidential election loser Henrique Capriles urged the government to open a dialogue with him.

Venezuela votes to choose Chavez successor

But Capriles hopes that discontent over the nation`s soaring murder rate, chronic food shortages, high inflation and regular power outages will give him an upset victory after 14 years under Chavez.

Venezuela`s stark divisions on show at presidential vote today

A deeply divided Venezuela picks a new leader Sunday, with the rich calling for an end to the "Hugo Chavez nightmare," and the poor warning against the bourgeoisie returning to power.

Polls aside, Capriles says he will win Venezuela polls

Hundreds of thousands of supporters on Sunday crammed Caracas` streets in what opposition presidential hopeful Henrique Capriles, trailing in the polls, called a fast-changing tide.

Venezuelan opposition leader Capriles to run

Henrique Capriles is set to announce he will run in elections to replace Hugo Chavez, setting up a make-or-break encounter against the dead president`s hand-picked successor, a close adviser to the candidate says.

Venezuelan who bet Chavez would lose kills seven

A Venezuelan businessman who bet that Henrique Capriles would win the presidential election here killed seven.

Chavez wins re-election, Venezuelans celebrate

Venezuelans voted in favour of President Hugo Chavez on Sunday, giving him six years to govern in fourth term in a row.

Venezuela: Chavez, Capriles on final pre-poll rally

On the last day of the pre-election rally, both the candidates pitched their best to garner maximum votes from their supporters and to form the government.

Two shot to death in Venezuelan political clash

Two people were shot to death during a confrontation between supporters of Prez Hugo Chavez and his opponent in next month`s Presidential election.

Venezuela: `Women are my weakness`

Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles said he was convinced that women will win him the presidency next month.

Chavez foe demands limits on leader`s on-air talks

Capriles is demanding election officials prevent Prez Chavez from taking over airwaves of TV and radio stations for lengthy speeches for re-election.

Venezuela`s opposition picks Chavez`s challenger

Youthful state Governor Henrique Capriles won Venezuela`s opposition primary on Sunday.

Chavez opponents rally supporters ahead of vote

Venezuelan opposition presidential contender Pablo Perez is urging public employees to join his supporters.