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HIV, Hepatitis patients have higher chances of committing suicide

Study results suggest hospitalisation with infection was linked to a 42 per cent higher risk of suicide death compared to those individuals without infection. Also, the study suggested that more the infections, longer the treatment and higher the apparent risk of death by suicide.

Jaundice: Symptoms, treatment, prevention tips!

Bilirubin is a yellow compound found in bile and is responsible for the yellowing of the skin and sclerae.

Amitabh Bachchan calls for educating Aanganwadis about Hepatitis

Amitabh Bachchan calls for educating Aanganwadis about Hepatitis

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan says hepatitis awareness drive can also be spread to aanganwadis - the government-run women and child care centres - to help prevent the disease among women and children.

Shocking! Indian man washes vegetables in sewer water (Watch video)

 Here's a video where a man was seen washing freshly picked vegetables in sewer water that can make you very sick.  

Hepatitis prevention: Protect your liver with these useful tips

 Considering the size of the epidemic, anyone and everyone can be at risk. But you can take steps to reduce your risk of infection.  

World Hepatitis Day: 52 million Indians suffer from chronic hepatitis

 Hepatitis is an inflammatory of the liver, commonly caused by a viral infection. 

World Hepatitis Day, 2016: Ten facts you should know!

The theme for World Hepatitis Day, 2016 is Elimination, owing to the goal that the WHO has set for itself.

Hepatitis B, C pose huge health challenge in India: Experts

Hepatitis B is 50-100 times more infectious than HIV and Hepatitis C is 10 times more infectious than the virus that can cause AIDS.

How much do you know about hepatitis - Take the quiz here

 Hepatitis can also be caused by alcohol and some other toxins, certain drugs, infections, heavy alcohol use.

Delhi: AIIMS claims to have discovered oral vaccine to cure Hepatitis B

AIIMS claims to have discovered oral vaccine to cure Hepatitis B.
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Vaccines for adults: What you need to know

Here are some essential vaccines that adults need to take.

Origin of hepatitis A virus decoded

Hepatitis A virus, which is found worldwide, has previously been considered to be a purely human pathogen which at most is found in isolated cases in non-human primates.

Homeopathy needs active promotion from Indian govt: Dr Kalyan Banerjee

The debate between the effectiveness of allopathic medicines and homeopathy has been one of the most disputed in medical history. Both schools of thought at the centre of their practice aim to heal the sick but take on different trajectories to achieve the same.

Many Hepatitis C patients unaware of liver damage: Study

The number of Hepatitis C patients suffering from advanced liver damage may be grossly underestimated and under-diagnosed.

Drug holds promise of treating Hepatitis C, but cost prohibitive

A new drug has shown promise of treating the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) in India, something which had eluded health experts for long. But its widespread use may be inhibited because of its high cost - Rs.100,000 ($1,500) for the full course.

WHO calls for intensified efforts to prevent hepatitis

World Health Organization (WHO) has stressed the importance of acting now to prevent hepatitis, saying infections caused by the five distinct hepatitis viruses are causing about 1.45 million deaths worldwide each year.

World Hepatitis Day: Risks and preventive measures!

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. It can affect any individual of any age including children.

WHO to launch campaign to combat hepatitis in India

The WHO Thursday said it will launch a new pilot campaign in India, Egypt and Uganda to combat hepatitis which affects over two million people globally through the use of unsafe injections.

More Hepatitis B, C cases in Himachal's remote areas

A team of doctors of the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital (IGMCH) in Shimla will study the high prevalence of Hepatitis B and C viruses in Kaza area of Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, an official said on Friday.

WHO calls for 'smart' syringes to stem deadly diseases

The World Health Organisation has called on healthcare providers around the globe to switch to syringes that can only be used once in order to better battle deadly diseases spread by needle sharing.