Seven medicinal herbs you can grow at home!

Seven medicinal herbs you can grow at home!

Herbs, spices may help boost heart`s health

A new study has found that spices and herbs don't just add flavor to your food, but may also help boost your heart's health.

Add spices and herbs in food for super health

Spices and herbs not only offer a zingy flavour to your food, they can also improve your health by helping to reduce sodium, calorie and fat intake, finds research.

Now, world`s first e-joint to give users a high!

World`s first e-joint invented by the Dutch can be filled with cannabis liquid to give users a hit as it allows its users to fill the stick with their own cannabis liquid or dry herbs.

Spices, herbs in food helps lower salt intake in adults

A new study has found that teaching people how to flavour food with and herbs is considerably more effective at lowering salt intake.

Central team to inspect infrastructure in ayurveda

A three-member committee of the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) visited the government-run Kaviraj Ananta Tripathy Sharma (KATS) Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Ankushapur, here to inspect the available infrastructure.

Ayurveda, other traditional medicines to get Hungarian boost

Hungary, a member of EU that restricts entry of Indian traditional medicines, is likely to sign a pact this week with India to enhance co-operation in this sector.

Now, a food fest of flowers!

Foodies can detoxify themselves with gourmet dishes made from flower extracts, herbs and fruits in a unique food festival.

Do you have sore, dry eyes? Herbs and vitamins can help you!

Our eyes entail special precautions and the skin around the eyes requires extra care.

Oregano may help combat prostate cancer

An ingredient of Oregano, the common pizza and pasta seasoning herb, could potentially be used to treat prostate cancer, researchers including one of an Indian have found.

China seeks to unlock secrets of herbs, roots

Scientists in China are re-examining traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) -- roots and herbs that have been used for thousands of years -- to find and reproduce the active ingredients so they may be made into drugs.

Drug helps prevent mountain sickness, herbs don`t

Acetazolamide, a drug to prevent acute mountain sickness, may reduce symptoms for some people.

Health benefits of Cinnamon

Health benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a useful herb that not only adds flavour to your food but also helps bring blood sugar level to normal, helps in curing appetite loss and acidity.

`Valerian may help menopausal sleep problems`

The popular herbal sleep aid valerian, which has been used since ancient Greek and Roman times for various health problems, may also help ease some of the sleep problems that can come with menopause, a study said.

Indian herbs can fight oral cancer

The plants tested offer hope against resistant species.

Indian herbs can fight oral cancer

The plants tested offer hope against resistant species.

Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Herbs

Enjoy the sumptuous Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Herbs.

Recipe: Barbecued salmon with lemon and herbs

Check out this tasty Barbecued salmon with lemon and herbs.