Emma Watson pretended to be boring to avoid limelight

Emma Watson pretended to be boring to avoid limelight

Emma Watson pretended to spent most of her time, trying to convince everyone that she was incredibly boring because she needed privacy.

Emma Watson to feature in `Regression`

Actress Emma Watson will be a part of the cast of film `Regression`.

Emma Watson not worried about Janney`s past

Actress Emma Watson, who is currently dating Oxford University rugby player Matthew Janney, is not worried about the latter`s past relationships at all.

Emma Watson `proud` of Harry Potter

Emma Watson is proud of her work in `Harry Potter` but is happy to now have the chance to explore new roles.

Hermione Granger named best screen role model

Harry Potter`s best friend Hermione Granger, played by Emma Watson, has been voted the best big-screen role model in a poll of young film fans.

Mini `Harry Potter` movie on floors?

A mini movie on the "Harry Potter" franchise is reportedly being shot secretly at studios.

Hermione of ‘Harry Potter’ most popular dream date for teens

‘Twilight’ characters may be the latest teen heartthrobs but Hermione Granger, the studious heroine from `Harry Potter` books is the most popular fictional dream date for teenage readers, says a survey.

Watson`s Hermione Granger is top role model for teens

Emma Watson`s `Harry Potter` alter ego Hermione Granger has beaten off competition from pop stars Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry to become the top role model for teenage girls.