ESA`s Herschel telescope finally switched off

European Space Agency`s billion-euro Herschel space telescope has been switched off.

Herschel telescope shines light on cool pools of gas in Milky Way

The bulk of material between the stars in our Milky Way galaxy-the cool hydrogen gas from which stars spring-is nearly impossible to find.

Rare birth of mega-galaxy captured by space telescope

The new mega-galaxy was originally spotted by a post-doctoral researcher at UCI in an image recorded by the European Space Agency`s Herschel telescope.

Herschel Telescope shows galactic star formation is slowing

The formation of new stars in galaxies like the Milky Way has declined five-fold in the last 3bn years.

Herschel telescope `fingerprints` colossal star

Europe`s new space telescope, Herschel, has observed the "death throes" of the biggest star known to science till date.