Binge drinking may increase hypertension risk in youth

A blood pressure reading of more than 140 over 90 indicates high blood pressure. 

Easily stressed? At risk of developing high blood pressure

A low stress resilience score at the age of 18 was associated with a heightened risk of developing high blood pressure in later life.

What's healthier than walking to work? Running to catch the bus

 Bus/train commuters had even lower rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and overweight than the walkers or bikers.

Menopause may turn good cholesterol into bad

 What has previously been known as good cholesterol - high density lipoprotein (HDL) - may actually contribute to heart diseases in women while they are transitioning through menopause, new research has found.

Know if your child is at risk of hypertension!

People who have a risk of developing high blood pressure between the age of 35-38, can be diagnosed in childhood.

Treat high blood pressure aggressively, urges 'lifesaving' study

 A recent study has backed the need of more aggressive treatment for high blood pressure.

Poor diet, high BP leading causes of death worldwide

Poor diet, high blood pressure and smoking are the leading causes of death worldwide, while unsafe water and childhood undernutrition are also among the top risk factors in India.

What's killing us? Poor diet, high BP top risk factors

A new study has revealed that poor diet and high blood pressure (BP) are now number-one risk factors for death.

Exercise good for pulmonary hypertension patients

Low-intensity exercise improves heart function and overall quality of life for people suffering from pulmonary hypertension.

`Stepped care` approach to tackle uncontrolled high blood pressure

Researches have developed new 'stepped care' approach to tackle uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Increasing salt intake puts you at high BP risk

 Stressing for the need to maintain a lower salt diet over a lifetime, significant research has revealed that people who gradually increase the amount of salt in diets also face high blood pressure risk as people who habitually eat a high-salt diet.

High BP in mid-life affects brain in old age

High blood pressure in your 50s may negatively impact your planning or problem-solving abilities 30 years later, a study says.

Having hypertension related genes may actually help lower risk of developing Alzheimer's

A new study has revealed that having high blood pressure may decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer's.

'Lead in noodles can cause cardiovascular disease'

Health experts have said that lead present in noodles causes a slew of chronic diseases including high blood pressure, peripheral arterial disease and cardiovascular disease.

Gene that causes 'hereditary hypertension' identified

 A team of researchers has identified gene responsible for hereditary hypertension (high blood pressure) and at the same time a skeletal malformation called brachydactyly type E, which is characterized by unusually short fingers and toes.

High salt intake causes 26% deaths in India: Report

A study by the WHO suggests that excess of salt intake results in almost 2.5 million deaths every year. In India, the data reveals that roughly 26 percent of all deaths are due to high blood pressure, heart disease caused by salt.

DNA: Too much salt intake not good for health

A recent research has stated that too much consumption of salt can lead to many diseases and results to untimely death. Also watch DNA analysis of Rahul Gandhi's

Top five health concerns for men revealed

A new study has revealed the five most common health issues in men and how to prevent them.

Teen obesity 'strongly linked' to high blood pressure

A new study has shown strong link between adolescent obesity and high blood pressure.

Youth obesity linked with high BP

As the number of overweight adolescents go up, so does the number of youth with high blood pressure, a study shows.