Barcelona-Paris high-speed train service inaugurated

The Barcelona-Paris high-speed train service was officially opened Sunday with the first train leaving Paris at 7:15 a.m., media reported.

China high-speed train kills four rail workers: Report

A Chinese high-speed train killed four maintenance workers after a communication failure, state media reported today, the latest fatal incident on the country`s flagship rail network.

China tests high-speed train

China has test-run its latest high-speed train that can reach a maximum speed of 500 kmph.

High-speed rail gets closer to reality

Railways is finalising draft legislation for a project that envisages running trains with the speed of 300 Kms per hour speed.

Uzbeks flaunt Central Asia`s 1st high-speed train

Uzbekistan upgraded its Soviet-era rail road
infrastructure at the total cost of USD 116.8 million.

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train makes debut

The USD 33 billion rail line could hurt airlines operating on the busy route plagued by delays.