Thai tanker believed hijacked on way to Indonesia

A Thai tanker, initially believed to have been hijacked, is on its way to Indonesia, the International Maritime Bureau said Saturday.

Ethiopian Airlines plane hijacked by co-pilot

An Ethiopian Airlines plane was reportedly hijacked by co-pilot on Monday and was forced to land at Geneva airport in Switzerland.

Iran-bound Brazilian sugar ship hijacked off India

The Eglantine was hijacked off India`s southwest coast by suspected Somali pirates, NATO`s counter-piracy mission said.

Somali pirates free Italian tanker hijacked in Feb

The 105,000-ton tanker was seized on February 8 after five pirates
aboard a skiff opened fire.

13 Chinese sailors killed after ships hijacked

Thirteen Chinese nationals were
killed in an attack by suspected drug trafficker near the Thai-Myanmar border.

Captain of hijacked Taiwan boat died in crossfire

Confrontations with Somali pirates have turned more violent in recent months.

Hijackers threatened to blow up mystery ship: Reports

The hijackers of a cargo ship that disappeared off the coast of France threatened to blow it up if their ransom demands were not met, Russian news agencies reported on Wednesday.