Bill Clinton won`t `jump the gun` on wife`s plans

Former president Bill Clinton says he doesn`t know if his wife, Hillary, is going to run for president and said "she hasn`t asked me yet."

Hillary to seek access to Megrahi from TNC

A key US Senator has asked
Secretary of State to seek access of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, convicted in Lockerbie bombing case.

Military junta must return Fiji to democracy: Hillary

The military junta must take
steps to return Fiji to democracy, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said.

Hillary to visit Pakistan soon

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will soon visit Pakistan to have strategic talks with the country`s top leaders, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Gaddafi could be looking for exit strategy: Hillary

Hillary Clinton has said that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is game playing and could well be looking for an exit strategy.

Libya no-fly zone must have UN backing: Hillary

US has said that decision to impose a no-fly zone over Libya should be taken by the UN only.

Hillary wants peaceful resolution of Libyan crisis

US Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton has expressed concern over the unabated violence raging in Libya and called for peaceful resolution to the crisis, reiterating America`s support to the people of the strife-torn nation.

‘Mubarak`s era is over, now time for real democracy’

US has said that now it is time to work towards achieving the goal of real democracy in Egypt.

Hillary urged to oppose anti-Israel resolution at UN

As many as 16 US Senators
have asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to oppose a UN resolution that is being drafted by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in an effort to unilaterally dictate terms to Israel.

No time for delay on climate change: Hillary

Hillary Clinton asks countries like India, China and those in EU to show urgency on this issue.

Zardari to meet Obama during his US visit

US Prez would meet his Pak counterpart at the White House and hold talks on combating terrorism.

Reversing gas price hike by Pak govt a mistake: Hillary

Hillary Clinton has said the Pak`s decision to reverse its recent increase in petroleum prices was a mistake.

Obama, Hillary `most admired` by Americans: Poll

Prez Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the most admired people in America, as per a new poll.

Hillary blasts `deeply distressing` leak of US sites

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regretted the "deeply distressing" release of a secret list of key infrastructure sites that could threaten US security if hit by terror strikes.

Iran, North Korea could spark arms races: Hillary

Clinton said Iran may use next week`s talks to discuss its N-prog, which may be a threat to world.

Hillary seeks more European help in Afghanistan

Hillary Clinton called on a European security organization Wednesday to play a bigger role in helping stabilize Afghanistan.

WikiLeaks: Hillary promises `aggressive action`

Hillary Clinton came out in the open to defend her country’s foreign policy.

Myanmar misses democratic opportunity: Hillary

Hillary Clinton said Myanmar missed an opportunity to begin a transition to democracy.

Obama `envious` of her election day trip: Hillary

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joked Tuesday that President Barack Obama may be jealous of her for being out of the country for hotly contested congressional midterm elections.

Obama trip to elevate Indo-US ties to new level: Hillary

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Friday said that President Barack Obama`s
upcoming visit to India would elevate the Indo-US relationship to an altogether new level.