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Holi celebrations across India

Holi celebrations are in full swing in different parts of the country.

Holi: Reasons why organic colours are good for you

As nation celebrates Holi on friday, here are some reasons why organic colours are good for you and the environment as well.

Holi: Harmful chemicals in colours can cause cancer

Beware of synthetic Holi colours as these can cause costly on your health.

Since most of the Holi colours on sale are made of harmful chemicals like lead, glass pieces and other alkaline material, they may cause deadly diseases like skin cancer.

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Play Holi with safe colours

This year make sure you play Holi with safe colours. Chemical colours can cause many infections even cancer.

Cartoon water guns for Holi

Ten year old Vanshika coyly points out to the blue Doraemon water-gun in a shop in Chandni Chowk's Sadar Bazar market, where Cartoon Network seems to have come alive with Doraemon and Ben-Ten waterguns stacked in rows of shops, both big and small.

Cook up perfect Holi snacks for guests
Cook up perfect Holi snacks for guests

After a splash of colours, mischief and some dancing, guests make a beeline for food at every Holi party. Plan convenient snacking options, which are cooked right and presented in a colourful way.

Vrindavan, Varanasi widows celebrate Holi together

Around a thousand widows living reclusive lives at ashrams in Vrindavan and Varanasi today began special four-day long Holi celebrations in Vrindavan Tuesday.

Have you experienced Holi in Mathura?
Have you experienced Holi in Mathura?

Avril-Ann Braganza

There's more to Holi than just colour and bhang. Mayank Soni tells Avril-Ann Braganza how this festival is celebrated in Krishna's birthplace

Holi special: All you must know about the festival of colours

Indians celebrate Holi to commemorate the departure of winter and the beginning of the new season of spring, which brings good harvest.

Press Club condemns attack on scribes by Asaram Bapu`s men

Mumbai Press Club condemned the attack on journalists, who were covering the pre-Holi celebrations at Asaram Bapu ashram in neighbouring Thane.

Holi celebrations: RR Patil slams Asaram Bapu

Maharashtra Home Minister RR Patil came down heavily on spiritual guru Asaram Bapu saying that wastage of water was uncalled for.

Riot of colours as Holi celebrated with gaiety

Vibrant red, blue, green, yellow and pink colours spread joy and merriment as people across India celebrated the festival of Holi.

Holi celebrated across country with fun and frolic

Stray violence during Holi left one person dead and 12, including two policemen, injured as unbridled enthusiasm and bonhomie marked the festival of fun, frolic and colours which was celebrated in many parts of the country today.

Pakistani Hindus to miss Holi celebrations

The few Pakistani Hindus, who
have made the federal capital their home, will miss splashing
colours at each other as they brace up for a quiet Holi.