How long can Earth's technological civilization last?
How long can Earth's technological civilization last?

A new study has provided a deeper insight into what could be the average lifetime of species like humans, who are extremely technologically advanced.

Neanderthals were not 'subspecies' of modern humans

 A new study has revealed that Neanderthals were not subspecies of modern humans rather they were a distinct species separate from Homo sapiens.

Learn why homo sapiens survived when others could not

Only we, the Homo sapiens, who lived side by side with Neanderthals and Denisovans of Siberia survived and a study offers fresh insights into what gave the modern man the advantage over other extinct humans.

Stone-tipped spears predate human existence by 85,000 yrs

The remains of the world`s oldest known stone-tipped throwing spears are so ancient that they actually predate the earliest known fossils for our species by 85,000 years.

1.8m-year-old skull suggests early man was single species

A well-preserved adult male skull, dating back to 1.8 million years ago, suggests that early man was a single species with individuals that could look quite different from each other.

Last Neanderthals and modern humans did not coexist in Iberia

An international study has questioned a theory, which held that the last Neanderthals persisted in southern Iberia at the same time that modern humans advanced in the northern part of the peninsula.

Scientists find clue to Neanderthal extinction

Researchers, studying ancient DNA, have suggested that most Neanderthals were largely extinct 50,000 yrs ago.

New look at fossils yields oldest modern Europeans

A fresh look at fossilized remains has turned up a surprise: the earliest modern people in Europe.