West Bengal: Tension in Malda continues, 10 people arrested

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Pope urges Church to move ahead as gay issue overshadows synod

Pope Francis said on Monday that the Church was "not a museum" but a place for progress, as members of a key synod started three weeks of debate aimed at reshaping Catholic teaching on the family.

Women more flexible in their sexual identity than men, reveals study

 A new study has suggested that women are more likely than men to report bisexuality, while men are more likely to report being either '100 percent heterosexual' or '100 percent homosexual.'

Biases against lesbians, gays ebbing: Study

Biases against lesbians, gays ebbing: Study

Conscious and unconscious biases against lesbian women and gay men are decreasing across all demographic groups in the US, a new study shows.

AMU homosexual claim: VC warns against misplaced slander

Days after an AMU professor sparked controversy by allegedly calling madrasas "dens of vice and homosexuality", the university VC on Sunday hit out at the "misplaced slander campaign" that can lead to unjustified denigration of madrasas and hurt the entire Muslim community.

Irish vote on gay marriage in landmark referendum

The Irish voted on Friday on whether to allow gay marriage, just two decades after Ireland became the last country in Western Europe to decriminalise homosexuality.

Photos claim IS beheadings of homosexuals in northern Iraq

The Islamic State group has publicly beheaded three men in northern Iraq, two of them for allegedly engaging in homosexual acts, according to photos shared by sympathisers on social media Tuesday.

Swedish man gets prison for `homosexual acts` in Tunisia

A Swedish man has been given two years behind bars in Tunisia for "homosexual acts" despite the protests of Swedish diplomats, authorities said Saturday.

Indian-origin Irish minister comes out as gay

An Indian-origin senior Cabinet minister in Ireland on Sunday announced he's gay, becoming the first openly homosexual government figure in the history of the traditionally conservative Catholic country.

Thailand to recognise 'third gender' in new Constitution: Panel

Thailand`s Constitution will include the term "third gender" for the first time, a member of a panel drafting a new charter said on Thursday, in a move to empower transgender and gay communities and ensure them fairer legal treatment.

Ellen DeGeneres responds to 'gay agenda' accusations with humour

Ellen DeGeneres responds to 'gay agenda' accusations with humour

 Ellen DeGeneres has hit back against a Christian Post contributor, who alleged that gay celebrities like her are guilty of pushing a "gay agenda" on America's youth, with humor.

Gays fear new law will drive them out of Kyrgyzstan

A draft law banning "homosexual propaganda" in Kyrgyzstan could be the last straw for the Central Asian country`s frightened gay community.

Moroccan jailed with gay British pensioner freed: Rights group

 The companion of a British tourist freed from Moroccan jail this week after being arrested with him for "homosexual acts" has also been released from custody, a rights group said Thursday.

Israel allows homosexuals to use surrogacy

The Israeli government approved changes to guidelines on an existing surrogacy law which would allow same-sex couples and single people in the country to have children through surrogates, Xinhua reported.

Courtney Love credits gay pals for making her a rock star

Courtney Love has revealed that she became a rock star because of her gay friends, adding that now she is a gay icon.

Zimbawe`s Mugabe slams Europe`s `homosexual nonsense`

Zimbabwe`s strong man ruler Robert Mugabe lashed out at Europe`s "homosexual nonsense" and condemned the refusal of its leaders to accept his grip on power in his latest marathon tirade on Friday.

Four men jailed in Egypt for gay acts

An Egyptian court has sentenced four men to jail for indulging in homosexual acts, a media report said Tuesday.

Anwar`s appeal for removal of homosexual remark rejected

A Malaysian court Wednesday dismissed a plea by Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to expunge remarks made in the judgement of a 2004 sodomy case which implied that he had homosexual tendencies.

US Appeals Court suspends federal judge`s ruling legalising same-sex marriages in Michigan

The US Court of Appeals for the sixth Circuit, in Cincinnati has reportedly suspended the US federal judge`s ruling legalizing same-sex marriages in the state of Michigan.

US government to expand recognition of gay marriage

US Attorney General Eric Holder will expand government recognition of same-sex marriages in all federal courtrooms and prisons tomorrow, and ensure they receive the same benefits as heterosexual ones.