Hormone, not money, behind rich people's longer lifespan

Low levels are linked to an increased risk of cancer and reduced mental abilities.

Gut bacteria signal to brain when you are full

Gut bacteria may signal to your brain when you are full

Saliva test can reveal your memory skills

Your saliva can tell how strong your memory and analytical skills are.

Blame your hormones for your cheating, unethical behaviour

If you can't resist taking a peek into others' papers in exams, or nicking things from someone's house, it may be your hormones fault, claims a new study.

Chinese man grows breasts after eating chicken

 A 26-year-old Chinese man reportedly grew breasts because of the hormones in his fried chicken meals, his doctors said.

How hormones can destabilise financial markets

Can hormones be instrumental in destabilising financial markets? Yes, says a study.

This device tracks cancer growth

 A new device that can accurately track chemical signals within cells and find out how cancerous growth begins has been invented by biomedical engineers.

Hormones can trick nose to influence mating behaviour

Far from being a simple sense organ, the nose can play an important role in mating behaviour as researchers have found that hormones that dictate a female's attraction towards males do so in part by controlling her sense of smell.

Women's brains `change` post pregnancy, motherhood

A new research has found that women's brain alters permanently once they experience pregnancy and enter motherhood.

Menopause not the sex killer for women

A woman`s sex drive isn`t as affected by menopause as we once thought, says a new research.

How brain stimulates body to burn 'bad' fat

A team of Australian researchers has uncovered the action of two naturally occurring hormones along with brain signals that assist in the shedding of excess fat.

Now, a food ingredient to make you feel 'fuller' without overeating

Scientists have, for the first time, developed an ingredient, which when added to foods can make one fell more filling.

New hormone can protect from metabolic disorders

Discovery of a previously unknown hormone that serves as a messenger from fat cells to the liver could pave way for new treatment for metabolic disorders, finds research.

Scientists shed new light on how hormone works in weight loss

Scientists have found the how the hormone, which is a popular target to develop weight-loss drugs, works in our body.

Charging phone in bedroom can make you fat

A new study has revealed that charging your phone in your bedroom could make you put on weight, as the artificial light from phone screens, street lights, laptops or television stops the body generating a hormone that combats obesity.

Balanced hormones help youngsters cope better with grief

Young people cope better with the loss of a loved one because they have balanced stress hormones and a robust immune system that get weakened as we grow older, say scientists.

Humans lose immune response to grief with age

A new research has revealed that elderly people have reduced immune response to bereavement.

Brief stress may be good for your skin

Scientists have found that brief, acute psychological stress promotes healing in mouse models of three different types of skin irritations.

Daily aspirin to prevent heart disease may not benefit all

A daily low-dose aspirin is widely prescribed to prevent cardiovascular disease. Now, a new study claims that gene variations in some individuals may modify the cardiovascular benefits of aspirin, leading to slightly harmful effects.

Sleep better: Eat these 5 foods to fall asleep

Most of us face problems in getting a sound sleep. There may be several factors that can be responsible for this, like work pressure, family responsibilities, relationship issues, etc.