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India may implement DRS sooner than later

India may be ready to accept more responsibility for improving the decision review system (DRS) as part of their new leadership role in the International Cricket Council (ICC).

4th ODI: Buttler-inspired England taste first victory in Australia

It took them almost three months, but England finally notched their first win of their horrific Australian tour in the fourth one-day international against Australia at the WACA Ground Friday.

Real-time Snicko, Hot Spot may make `surprise` last-minute entry in winter Ashes

The real-time Snickometer, which is the latest technology gizmo of cricket, may reportedly make a `surprise` late-entry into the game`s DRS in the winter Ashes series.

NZ cricket to continue using Hot Spot technology despite drop from Ashes

New Zealand Cricket plans to continue using the controversial Hot Spot technology when the West Indies visit the country despite the system being taken away in Australia.

Hot Spot dropped for Ashes

The controversial decision-review technology known as Hot Spot has been dumped just weeks before Australia`s Ashes series against England, the Nine Network said on Thursday.

Hot Spot inventor `keeps lips sealed` on raging controversy under ICC agreement

The inventor of the controversial Decision Review System (DRS) technology Hot Spot has reportedly struck and agreement with the ICC not to talk about it ahead of the fourth Ashes Test.

`Hawk-eye` Clarke claims would have sniffed out Hot Spot `tape-gate` if true

Australian captain Michael Clarke had laughed off suggestions that players may have hoodwinked the Hot Spot in the Ashes by using silicon tape to cover the bats, saying that he would have known if his players were cheating.

Even Hot Spot inventor claims `controversial` DRS not `fool-proof` method for determining edges

The Australian inventor of Hot Spot, Warren Brennan has admitted that the decision review system could never be perfect, adding that when there was no Hot Spot, it was necessary that the batsman had not nicked the ball.

`Hot spots` ride merry-go-round in Jupiter`s atmosphere

Scientists have found new evidence that dark features in Jupiter`s atmosphere called "hot spots" are created by a Rossby wave, a pattern also seen in Earth`s atmosphere and oceans.

Pak against use of Hot Spot, appointment of Davis in SA

Pakistan has objected to the use of Hot Spot ball tracking technology and also to the appointment of umpire Steve Davis in the ongoing Test series in South Africa.

Hot Spot not to be used in India-England ODI series

The controversial Hot Spot has been a disappointment in the recent India-England ODI series and it will not be used in the five-match one-day contest between the two countries starting on October 14, according to the head of the company behind the technology.

Dravid’s bitter sweet saga with UDRS

The bitter sweet saga of Dravid and the decision review system (DRS) continued during the ODI series as well.

ICC makes DRS mandatory with Hot Spot

The ICC Chief Executives` Committee agreed on making the DRS mandatory in all Tests and ODIs.

Vaughan calls for consistent use of UDRS

Former England skipper Michael Vaughan has said the BCCI must show more willingness to try the controversial UDRS.

Strange ``hot spot`` seen on distant exoplanet

A warm spot has been seen in the atmosphere of a ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet.

Hot Spot technology unlikely in 2011 World Cup

Hot Spot technology, which is used in adjudging close caught-behind and LBW decisions, may not be used for most part of the 2011 WC.