Clear up 'bad influence' left by corrupt generals: Xi Jinping

President Xi Jinping on Monday warned Chinese military officials to "not cross the line" and cautioned them against the "bad influence" left by disgraced army generals being prosecuted for serious corruption charges.

Xi Jinping: Man of the people, or careful image builder?

Kicking balls, eating steamed buns and carrying his own umbrella, Xi Jinping is at the apex of Chinese power but has been busy building his "ordinary guy" credentials during his first year in charge.

Xi Jinping constitutes special team to probe top leader

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday formed a special team to probe corruption charges against a recently retired high ranking Communist Party leader regarded by many as disgraced politician Bo Xilai`s "Godfather".

China dubs Spanish lawsuit against Hu as external interference

China reacted angrily to Spanish court`s decision to admit petition against Hu Jintao over rights abuses in Tibet, saying other states should not use such issues to interfere in its domestic affairs.

PM seeks joint mechanism with China on Chinese dams on Brahmaputra

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his first meeting with new Chinese President Xi Jinping has sought a joint mechanism to assess the construction work on dams on Brahmaputra river in Tibet.

China`s leader Hu Jintao retires

Chinese President Hu Jintao formally retired handing over the baton to his successor Xi Jinping in a smooth transfer of power.

Xi becomes President; emerges as China`s most powerful leader

Xi Jinping emerged as China`s most powerful leader in decades after he was named President and head of the powerful military.

Chinese Parl finalises names of new President, Premier

China`s Parliament on Wednesday finalised the names of the country`s new President, Premier and other ministers, who will succeed the administration headed by Hu Jintao.

China`s new leader Xi begins to pick his team

Emerging stronger than his predecessor Hu Jintao, China`s new leader Xi Jinping has started picking his team with reformist officials, ignoring factional pulls and pressures ahead of the power transfer.

China kicks off once-in-a-decade power transfer

China`s new advisory legislative body began its annual session on Sunday commencing the once-in-a-decade power transfer to a new leadership headed by Xi Jinping from the outgoing government led by Hu Jintao.

Chinese censor row daily says reform should include open media

After its strike against official interference, a Chinese state-run weekly said policy of opening up, which is being advocated by country`s new leaders, must also be reflected in a more open media.

China`s Xi leads campaign to cut pomp

With his silky baritone, glamorous wife and daughter at Harvard, Xi cuts a very different figure from the staid, hyper-private leaders of the past

Menon in Beijing for talks with Chinese leaders

National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon would also deliver a talk on India-China relations at the Indian embassy on December 4.

China ready to resolve border issue with India

Ahead of National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon`s visit here next week, China sounded buoyant about the resolution of the border problem with India.

Xi vows to pursue `China dream` of becoming major global power

China`s ruling CPC chief Xi Jinping has promised "great renewal" of the nation to pursue the dream of becoming a major global power.

Hu formally bids farewell to Chinese Communist Party

Outgoing Chinese president Hu Jintao has formally relinquished his role at the top of the ruling Communist Party.

`Xi faces daunting task in satisfying China`s 1.3bn people`

China under Hu Jintao emerged as the world`s second-largest economy but his successor Xi Jinping faces the daunting task to ensure that 1.3 billion Chinese people.

Sino-India contacts set to resume post-transition in CPC

As China`s ruling CPC appointed `fifth generation` leaders headed by Xi Jinping, high-level Sino-India contacts are set to resume this month starting with the Strategic Economic Dialogue.

China to have famous First Lady

49-year-old Peng Liyuan is the second wife of Xi, 59, who will replace Hu Jintao as President in March.

`China won`t seek hegemony, but will hit hard at provocation`

China will never seek hegemony or engage in expansion, said a state-run daily adding, however, that the country will "hit back hard at any outside provocation".