Facebook, Twitter data do not reveal true human behaviour
Facebook, Twitter data do not reveal true human behaviour

As researchers are mining Facebook and Twitter data to learn about online and offline human behaviour, a new study warns them to be wary of serious pitfalls that arise when working with huge social media data sets.

New algorithms predict your behaviour from your tweets
New algorithms predict your behaviour from your tweets

Researchers have used 500 million tweets to develop algorithms which they claim can predict an individual's behaviour hours in advance.

Computer tool spots aggressive human behaviour in CCTV images

Researchers have developed a new computer programme that can analyse closed circuit television (CCTV) images and spot aggressive human behaviour with 90 per cent accuracy.
The research is an important step forward in intelligent security systems that could raise an alarm without requiring constant human vigilance, researchers said.

Mum`s anxiety and depression rubs off adversely on children

Researchers have discovered that a child, as young as 18 months of age, is at an increased risk of developing emotional and disruptive problems if his or her mother suffers from anxiety and depression symptoms.

It`s official! Women better at multitasking than men

Women are better than men at multi-tasking, especially when it comes to planning and devising strategies, scientists have found.

Men in love walk slower!

Ladies, want to know how much your man is into you? Take a stroll with him!

Human behaviour `key player in flu outbreaks`

A new study suggests that changes in human behaviour may have the greatest influence on waves of influenza outbreak.

People actually smile when they’re frustrated

It may be hard to believe but a new study has found that most people smile when they’re frustrated.

People’s niceness may reside in their genes

DNA may help explain why some people are nicer than others, according to researchers.

High CO2 levels put oysters in trouble

Oysters are in serious trouble due to high level of CO2, caused by human behaviour.