Man-made underwater sound may affect marine ecosystem

 Underwater sound linked to human activity could alter the behaviour of seabed creatures that play a vital role in marine ecosystems, says a new research.

Fast-moving rivers release more carbon dioxide like humans: Study

Scientists have discovered a surprising similarity between rivers and humans: both release more carbon dioxide when they work hard.

Human-dominated epoch started in 1610: Study

 The human-dominated geological epoch known as the Anthropocene probably began around the year 1610, with an unusual drop in atmospheric carbon dioxide, scientists say.

Human-induced nitrogen pollution big threat to ocean
Human-induced nitrogen pollution big threat to ocean

 Human activity, particularly in industrial and agricultural processes, has had significant impacts on the upper ocean nitrogen cycle, a new study warns.

Local factors causing significant spikes in coastal ocean acidity

A new study has documented dramatic, natural short-term increases in the acidity of a North Carolina estuary.

Human activity altering rainfall patterns: Study

A new study has shown that changes in global (ocean and land) precipitation may have been directly affected by human activities and cannot be explained by natural variability alone.

Urban birds `stressed by human activity`

Even species considered "tolerant" of human activity might be adversely impacted by human disturbances, according to a new study from scientists at Boise State University.

Oceans absorbing half of greenhouse emission

Oceans, forests and other ecosystems continue to soak up about half the carbon dioxide (CO2) released by human activities.

Proof of activity 3,000 yrs ago

A material evidence of human activity dating back 3,000 years ago has been reported in New Jerusalem monastery near Russian capital Moscow.

World’s low-lying river deltas sinking due to human activity

A new study has indicated that most of the world’s low-lying river deltas are sinking from human activity, making them increasingly vulnerable to flooding from rivers and ocean storms and putting millions of people at risk.