700-year-old excreta still smells pungent!

Turn your nose up first. The 700-year-old barrels found at an archaeological site in Odense on the island of Funen in Denmark has human excreta intact in “excellent condition”.

Unicef launches campaign against open defecation

With half of India`s population defecating in the open, the Unicef Monday launched `Take Poo to Loo`, an innovative digital-led campaign focusing on youngsters to put an end to the practice.

South Central Railway plans to buy more bio-toilets

The South Central Railway (SCR) plans to procure 200 more eco-friendly bio-toilets to provide the facility on more trains in the next few months.

Woman forced to eat human excreta on witchcraft charge

A woman in a village in Bihar`s Sitamarhi district was forced by some people to eat human excreta and drink urine after being branded a witch, police said.