Himachal wants monkeys off its back
Himachal wants monkeys off its back

With the exploding monkey population in Himachal Pradesh posing a major challenge to its human population, it is being now debated whether to allow their select culling or translocation and, if nothing works out, exporting them out of the state.

New database on plants to spur global research

In a move that may help scientists preserve plants better, botanists at Trinity College, Dublin have launched a database with information for nearly 600 plant species across the globe.

Human greed driving species towards extinction: Study

In a disturbing trend, scientists have reported that species are becoming extinct as much as 1,000 times more frequently - 10 times worse than the previous estimates - owing to human population growth and increasing per capita consumption.

Invertebrate numbers slashed by 45% on average over 3 decades

A new study has revealed that invertebrate numbers have decreased by 45 percent on average over a 35 year period in which the human population doubled.

First significant expansion of human population happened 60,000 yrs ago

The dispersal and expansion of Neolithic culture from the Middle East has recently been associated with the distribution of human genetic markers.

Growth in human population could wipe out many species within 40 yrs

The global growth in the human population has the potential to threaten hundreds of species with extinction within 40 years, a new research has shown.

Rising oceans will impact humans well beyond coasts

Analysis of rising sea level makes it clear that planning ahead will be crucial.