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Why you should never make decisions when hungry!

Why you should never make decisions when hungry!

The hormone ghrelin, produced in the stomach when hungry, has a negative effect on both decision making and impulse control.

Food rationing makes one hungrier

If your meal times are restricted, you may end up learning to eat more as a new study suggests that food rationing boosts hunger hormone, according to a new study.

Number of hungry people in India falling: UN report

The number of hungry people in India has fallen to by 9.5 percent to 190.7 million now from 210.8 million two decades ago, but in neighbouring Pakistan the number has risen by over 38 percent in the same period, a UN report said.

Nearly 5 million elderly go hungry in US: Study

In a shocking revelation, a study has found that 4.8 million people above the age 60 go hungry in the US due to financial strains.

Food banks go high-tech to feed the hungry

Food banks across the country are undergoing a high-tech revolution, adopting sophisticated databases warehouses and other technologies.