Hurricane Sandra upgraded to Category 3, gathers force fast in Pacific

Hurricane Sandra upgraded to Category 3, gathers force fast in Pacific

National Hurricane Center in Miami said Hurricane Sandra was expected to weaken before nearing land.

Heavy rain lashes Texas, triggers flash flood warnings

 Heavy rains are triggering flash flood warnings and tornado watches in the US state of Texas, a day after the most powerful Hurricane Patricia hit Mexico and headed towards Houston.

Hurricane flattens Mexico homes, but major disaster averted

The modest homes of 40 families in the fishing village of Chamela were blown away by Patricia's powerful winds.

Hurricane Patricia: Strongest storm ever to hit Mexico

Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere, made landfall in the Mexican state of Jalisco as a Category 5 storm and has been weakening as it passes over Mexico.

Storm Olaf in Pacific could become a hurricane: US monitors

Tropical Storm Olaf has formed in the eastern Pacific far from land and could become a hurricane on Sunday, US forecasters said.

Oil higher in Asia ahead of US jobs report, hurricane threat

Oil higher in Asia ahead of US jobs report, hurricane threat

Oil prices climbed in Asia Friday ahead of the release of a US jobs report and as a hurricane threatened refineries on the US east coast.

Hurricane Fred forms, flooding in South Carolina from Erika's remnants

 Hurricane Fred strengthened on Monday in the eastern Atlantic as it approached the Cape Verde islands but was forecast to weaken in the coming days, while the remnants of Tropical Storm Erika brought flooding to parts of South Carolina, according to US forecasters.

Remote-controlled NASA aircraft set to track hurricanes

Remote-controlled NASA aircraft set to track hurricanes

In a first, a unique remotely piloted aircraft from NASA is set to take off this week to improve track and intensity forecasts of hurricanes as part of the new generation weather forecast observations tools.

Tropical depression Kilo could hit Hawaii as hurricane

Honolulu:Tropical depression Kilo is expected to gradually strengthen and could pass Kauai as a hurricane next week, according to the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.
Kilo was about 520 miles south of Honolulu with sustained winds of 30 mph (48 kph) yesterday, reported Hawaii News.

NASA's satellites to improve hurricane forecasting

NASA's satellites to improve hurricane forecasting

NASA engineers have started working on the first of eight micro-satellites under the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) project.

Hurricane Danny strengthens to category 3 storm

Hurricane Danny strengthened into a major category 3 storm Friday as it churned in the central Atlantic but forecasters expect it to weaken.

Ten years after Katrina, New Orleans is bustling

 Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina swept buildings off their foundations and deluged nearly all of New Orleans with floodwaters which rose so fast some people drowned in their homes. 

Tropical Storm Danny forms in Atlantic

Tropical Storm Danny was expected to gain strength and become the first hurricane of the Atlantic season, US forecasters have said.

Blanca grows into major hurricane off Mexican coast

Blanca mushroomed into a major hurricane off Mexico`s Pacific coast on Wednesday but could weaken before making landfall in the tourist-friendly Baja California peninsula, forecasters said.

Climate change boosting hurricane intensity

Climate change boosting hurricane intensity

The fewer but powerful hurricanes that the world has witnessed in recent years are likely due to the warming climate, a new study says.

Hurricane-strength winds batter northern Europe, hit travel

Hurricane-force winds lashed parts of northern Europe on Tuesday, including Germany and the Netherlands, causing flights to be cancelled, snarling some train services and hitting port traffic.

Huge storm hits US West Coast, two dead

The US West Coast`s most ferocious storm in years triggered rockslides, power outages and hurricane force winds on Friday in southern California, a day after claiming two lives in the Northwest.

Cyclone, hurricane, typhoon: Different names, same phenomenon

They may have different names according to the region they hit, but typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones are all violent tropical storms that can generate 10 times as much energy as the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Storm passes dangerously close to Hawaiian island

Hawaii residents watched, waited and hoped for the best as a hurricane lost force but churned dangerously close early Sunday, threatening to batter several islands with wind and rain.

Hurricane Gonzalo plunges Bermuda into darkness

Hurricane Gonzalo made a direct hit on Bermuda as a strong category two storm, knocking down trees, damaging a hospital and plunging most of the island's terrified residents into the dark.