Oracle expands cloud services to take on Amazon, Microsoft

Oracle on Tuesday expanded its cloud service offerings with an emphasis on PaaS (platform-as-a-service)as it launched 24 new technologies aimed at leap-frogging over rival brands like Amazon, Microsoft and IBM.

Twitter launches new consulting programme for advertisers
Twitter launches new consulting programme for advertisers

 Taking its partnership with IBM for delivering better insights on customer data a step further, Twitter has announced the launch of the Official Partner Programme.

NASA, IBM to hold global 'Space App Challenge'
NASA, IBM to hold global 'Space App Challenge'

NASA has joined hands with IBM in sponsoring a worldwide challenge for participants to build apps that help solve issues around space exploration and earthly problems.

Discarded laptop batteries can power slums: IBM

Discarded laptop batteries still have enough life in them to power slums in India and other developing countries, a new study by IBM India has found.

IBM creates new class of recyclable polymers

Researchers at IBM have created a new family of experimental polymers that could deliver cheaper, lighter, stronger and recyclable materials ideal for electronics, aerospace, airline and automotive industries.

IBM sets new record set for data-transfer speeds

Researchers at IBM have set a new record for data transmission over a multimode optical fiber, a type of cable that is typically used to connect nearby computers within a single building or on a campus.

Computers will outsmart humans by 2029: Expert

Computers and robots will be more intelligent than humans and will be able to learn from experience, crack jokes and even flirt, within 15 years, Google`s top expert predicts.

IBM leads tech patent filings in 2013, Google accelerates

IBM has retained its patent crown in 2013, while Google climbed to No. 11 in the rankings.

IBM to invest $1bn in creating new division for Watson supercomputer

IBM has reportedly announced that it will invest one billion dollars in creating a new division for its Jeopardy TV quiz show-winning Watson supercomputer.

IBM creates computer powered by `electronic blood`

IBM has unveiled a prototype of its new brain-inspired computer that is fed by "electronic blood."

Bill Gates admits using `Control-Alt-Delete` for login was a mistake

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has confessed that setting `Control-Alt-Delete` as a way to log in to Windows was a mistake.

IBM acquires Israeli data security company `Trusteer`

US technology giant IBM announced that it has purchased Israeli data security company Trusteer, Globes economic daily reported.

New York’s Lake George set to become world’s ‘smartest lake’

A joint scientific research project is seeking to turn New York’s Lake George into the “smartest lake” in the world.

IBM creates world’s smallest movie using atoms

Researchers at IBM have created the world’s smallest stop-motion movie using atoms.

IBM supercomputer goes to college, to get smarter

Tech giant IBM is hoping to make its supercomputer "Watson" a bit more well-rounded and announced it was sending a version of the supercomputer to college to take Math and English courses.

Two women IBM staffers drown at Kashid beach

Two women employees of IT firm IBM from Pune Sunday drowned at Kashid beach in Raigad district.

IBM`s Sequoia named `world`s fastest supercomputer`

IBM`s Sequoia has come out on top on the list of the world`s fastest supercomputers for the US.

Facebook buys 750 patents from IBM: Source

Facebook has acquired hundreds of patents from International Business Machines Corp.

`Quantum computers will happen in our lifetime`

IBM scientists have made a significant step towards creating ‘quantum computers’ that would be faster than any supercomputer on Earth.