No nation has right to rule internet: Brazil

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said at a gathering here Wednesday that no country can have "more weight than another" in governing cyberspace.

India wants Internet to become Equinet

India favours a multilateral role in net governance and management, a "transformational shift from the Internet of today to the Equinet of tomorrow".

Meeting on US handing over internet control inconclusive

A meeting to seek initial feedback on how the US government may hand over its stewardship of technical functions essential to the operation of internet domain system ended Thursday without concrete outcome.

US to relinquish key oversight role for Internet

The US government announced it was giving up its key role in charge of the Internet`s technical operations, handing over those functions to "the global multistakeholder community."

US senator rejects `sucks` as online neighbourhood

A high-ranking US senator has urged Internet regulators to pull the plug on a proposed online neighbourhood for website addresses ending in ".Sucks."

EU finds US` influence on Internet governance diminished following NSA leaks

The European Union is reportedly going to push for globalizing Internet governance functions after losing confidence in the US` ability to manage Internet.

London city launches own domain to boost online presence

London will join a handful of cities launching their own internet domain names next year to build a greater online presence and promote the British capital, the mayor`s office said on Friday.

UK capital gets approval to use .london domain

London has reportedly got the approval to use the .london domain name in a bid to have its own identity in the world of the www.

India questions US dominance over critical internet resources

Deputy National Security Advisor Nehchal Sandhu said internet has become a global phenomena and therefore its management must reflect this universality and diversity.

Brazil to host global meet on Internet oversight

Brazil plans to host an international Internet governance meeting in April next year, with participation of representatives of governments, civil society and industry, the government announced Wednesday.

Web industry officials fear `expanding domains` could cause `widespread disruption` on net

Web industry officials have reportedly said that the plan of expanding the existing domains and the addition of a number of new domains is likely to cause `widespread disruption` to internet operations.

ICANN likely to face objections over new net address endings

panel representing nearly 50 of the world’s governments will reveal which of the proposed new Internet name address endings it objects.

Saudi Arabia opposes .gay, .islam domain names

Saudi Arabia has attempted to block a Vatican bid to create new web addresses ending in .catholic.

ICANN names Fadi Chehade as new CEO

Fadi Chehade, who has also worked for IBM (IBM.N), will join ICANN in October.

Porn domain on Internet touches alarm buttons

WIPO, whose Director General Francis Gurry reported on Monday that cases of Web piracy, commonly called cybersquatting, rose 2.5% last year.

ICANN to expand top level internet domains

This week will witness a biggest change in the world of World Wide Web. After 30 years of its inception, internet will allow users to have domain names of their choice.

End of dotcom era, Net braces for `notcoms`

Coming soon to the internet: website addresses that end in ".bank," ".Vegas" and ".Canon."

Internet exhausting addresses, but no IPocalypse

ICANN, entrusted with organising the Web is running out of the "IP" numbers.

Net addresses in Arabic activated for Egypt, Arabia, UAE

It`s now possible for websites to use addresses entirely in Arabic.

Web boss sees risk of multiple internets

Clandestine efforts by some countries to create alternative versions of the Internet for political ends could put the Web at risk, the man responsible for organizing the network told a news agency on Wednesday.