In Rohingya camp, tensions mount over Myanmar plan to revoke ID cards

Myanmar`s decision to revoke temporary identification cards for minorities is raising tensions among its 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims, who have effectively been disenfranchised just days after parliament approved a law affirming their right to vote in a referendum. 

Haryana Education Dept to issue ID cards in all govt colleges

The Haryana Education Department has decided to issue identity cards to both students and teachers in all government colleges in the state.

Watchdog to educate voters ahead of polls in northern Lanka

Voters in the Tamil-dominated Northern Province, where last election was held in 1988, will receive poll education, including how to obtain ID cards ahead of the key provincial elections.

Chidambaram gives out smart ID cards in Andamans

The first card was given to a woman named Bhoolaxmi.

Govt planning multi-use smart ID cards by 2013

The government is working on a proposal to issue multi-purpose smart identity cards to all adult citizens by the end of 2013.

UK govt moves to axe ID cards

The UK has initiated moves to scrap controversial GBP 5 billion ID scheme.

Bihar to issue ID cards to migrant workers

The Bihar government will register the names and personal information of the hundreds and thousands of migrant workers from the state and issue them identity cards, an official said Tuesday.

Tigers in sanctuaries to get ID cards

Big cats housed in various sanctuaries across the country will soon have their own `identity cards` specifying their profile, a step that will enable authorities keep track of their movement and help in tiger conservation.