Tensions soar in east Jerusalem; Israel moves troops near Gaza

Tensions soared in Arab-dominated areas of east Jerusalem today following the death of a young Arab boy in a suspected "revenge" attack by right wing extremists as Israel moved troops to its border with Gaza Strip amid heavy rocket, mortar attacks by Hamas militants.

Israel launches air raids on Syrian positions

Israel carried out retaliatory air raids on Syrian army positions in the Golan Heights overnight, after a teenager on the Israeli side was killed in an attack from Syria, the army said early Monday.

Israel shells Lebanon after border blast

Israel today shelled a post of the powerful Shiite movement Hezbollah inside Lebanon after its soldiers came under attack on the border.

US, Israel hold largest ever joint military drill

The US and Israel simulated rocket attacks in the bilateral air-defence exercise named Austere Challenge 2012.

Israel admits to using cyber-warfare

The Israeli military is using cyber-warfare to curb attacks on the country`s cyber space and to counter enemies on the net, the authorities say.

Israeli officer suspended for attacking protester

A senior military officer was filmed assaulting an unarmed activist protesting Israeli occupation policies in the West Bank.

Iran threat: Iron Dome to be in central Israel

Iron Dome is part of an ambitious multi-layered defence programme to protect Israeli towns and cities.

Most diabetics live in developing countries: IDF

Once called a rich man`s disease, diabetes is now sparing none and spreading like an epidemic in developing countries, including India, which house 80 per cent
of world`s diabetic population.