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Climate change impacting the faculties of citizens, global leaders?

Rajendra Shende/TERRE Policy Centre/IANS

"The rift has accelerated since end of the last year", reported all the major news agencies in North America and elsewhere. "It may get close to a full break, never seen before in the history," they added.

Gangotri glacier getting less snowfall, higher temperatures

A research shows that the health of the majestic Gangotri glacier that feeds the river Ganges has been affected, as the maximum temperature in the region has shot up by 0.9 degree Celsius and snowfall reduced by 37 cm annually.

Himalayan glaciers to ice in Antarctica!

Himalayan glaciers to ice in Antarctica!

The NASA study challenges the oft-repeated findings of the United Nation's panel on climate change, the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that forecast a grim future for the melting ice sheets of the Antarctic.

Global warming 'tipping points' identified

Global warming 'tipping points' identified

Many of these events occur for global warming levels of less than two degrees, a threshold sometimes presented as a safe limit. 

UN chief welcomes new head of UN climate science panel

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the election of a new head of the UN climate science panel.

Early curbs on carbon would not hamstring growth: IPCC

Global economic growth "would not be strongly affected" by rolling back carbon emissions but the cost will rise if action is delayed, the United Nations` climate panel said on Sunday.