Climate policy pledges fall short of 2 degrees Celsius: Researchers
Climate policy pledges fall short of 2 degrees Celsius: Researchers

A new research has revealed that pledges to reduce emissions in China, Europe and the US give an important step forward, but have fallen short of 2 degrees Celsius.

It's official that carbon-emissions do result in global warming
It's official that carbon-emissions do result in global warming

A new research has confirmed how global warming links to carbon emissions.

Mumbai, Kolkata most vulnerable to climate change: Govt
Mumbai, Kolkata most vulnerable to climate change: Govt

 India's populous coastal cities Mumbai and Kolkata are most vulnerable to loss of life and properties due to coastal flooding in the second half of the century, the government has said quoting a UN report ahead of a key global climate conference in Peruvian capital Lima.

Hollande seeks 'historic' climate pact at key 2015 summit

French President Francois Hollande today urged the world's nations to make history in Paris next year by signing a globally binding climate pact he hopes to leave as his government's legacy.

India must be active in Lima climate change talks: Experts

 India must get actively get involved in the climate change talks to be held in Peru next month, expressing how much it wants as its share in the "carbon budget", or the country's annual flow of emissions, and and setting up time limit to reduce its carbon footprint, experts said Thursday.

More extreme weather events in the coming years: CSE

The number of extreme climate events has risen tremendously over the past 100 years and will increase due to climate change, the Centre for Science and Environment said Thursday.

Govt should take leadership role in global climate talks: NGO

The government should take a leadership role in global climate negotiations, an environment NGO said today, a day after UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that current trends in carbon emissions will lead to disaster.

Act now or face 'irreversible' effects of climate change: IPCC report

Humanity will face immense difficulty in coping with the climate change after a point.

IPCC opens meeting to finalise climate change report

The Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) opened a meeting here Monday to finalise the Synthesis Report, the last stage of its Fifth Assessment Report (AR5).

 Why Himalayan glaciers are expanding instead of shrinking
Why Himalayan glaciers are expanding instead of shrinking

Scientists' observations in the Karakoram region have revealed that the glaciers there were stable, and snowfall is increasing instead of decreasing.

Human influence causing climate warming: IPCC report

Observing that humans are the dominant cause of global warming, a UN climate panel has warned that climate change will impact human health, south Asian settlements and infrastructure through flooding, and will aggravate food and water shortages in the region.

Research questions satellite data over Antarctic sea expansion

The Antarctic sea ice may not be expanding as fast as previously thought, a new research suggests, adding that there may be a processing error in the satellite data.

Opting for coal-based energy `wasteful approach` by govt: IPCC

Emphasising on the need to decarbonise electricity generation, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) chairman R K Pachauri on Saturday termed as a "wasteful approach" by the government to opt for coal-based power projects and pressed for the use of renewable and nuclear energy sources to satisfy the country`s power needs.

Fewer US nuclear plants could curb climate change fight

Nuclear power plants in the United States increasingly risk closure amid growing competition from cheap natural gas, which experts said could hamper President Barack Obama`s efforts to combat climate change.

Climate talks: `Raise your voice, not sea level` – UN

The United Nations seized World Environment Day today to demand action on climate change to protect small island states threatened by rising seas, drought and floods.

Cost of keeping global warming in check `relatively modest`: UN panel

IPCC chairperson Rajendra Pachauri has said that the cost of fighting global warming is "relatively modest", but only if the world acts quickly to reverse buildup of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere.

`Leaked` IPCC report warns of `devastating rise of 4-5 C`

A new leaked report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC) reportedly warns that the temperature could increase by about 4 to 5 degree C, compared with pre-industrial levels, if no action is taken to halt it.

UN climate chief urges `bold` carbon-curbing steps

The UN climate chief today called on governments to take bold steps to tame carbon emissions after a landmark report said the worldwide aim to limit global warming was still attainable.

Southampton Varsity project to help delta residents adapt to climate change

Researchers from the University of Southampton are leading an international project to understand the effect of climate change on people living in deltas in South Asia and Africa, and how they respond.

Climate: UN experts see options to brake juggernaut

A week after publishing the starkest warning yet on the risks of climate change, UN experts meet in Berlin from Monday to assess options for limiting the threat.