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'Modern Family' episode filmed on iPhone
'Modern Family' episode filmed on iPhone

An upcoming episode of hit sitcom 'Modern Family' was filmed entirely using mobile gadgets.

Google's new app lets you access your PC through phone
Google's new app lets you access your PC through phone

Now with Google's Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS devices, one can log into their computer simply via their iPhone or iPad.

Parting with iPhone can cause grave psychological and physiological effects

A new study has suggested that separation from iPhone can have serious psychological and physiological effects on their users.

Separation from iPhone can lead to anxiety

Researchers from the University of Missouri (MU) have found that separation from cell phone can have serious psychological and physiological effects on iPhone users, including poor performance on cognitive tests.

Delhi Uber rape case: Police recover accused cabbie's iPhone

Delhi Police has recovered the iPhone which was provided by Uber to the driver accused of raping the 27-year-old finance company executive on Friday night inside the cab which she had booked through the company's App.

Yahoo 2014 Year In Review: Ebola beats celebrities to be the most searched topic
Yahoo 2014 Year In Review: Ebola beats celebrities to be the most searched topic

Yahoo on Thursday announced the 2014 Year In Review, and a look at it shows that the deadly disease Ebola is amongst the most searched topics, leaving behind iPhone 6 and Minecraft, a popular video game by Microsoft.

Lesser known facts about Instagram!
Lesser known facts about Instagram!

One of the most used photo-sharing site 'Instagram' stands next only to Facebook and Twitter in terms of popularity.

An app that could calculate your death day!

A new app called Deadline can determine the date of your death by scanning information from your iphone's Healthkit tool.

Drake gets emoji tattoo
Drake gets emoji tattoo

Rapper Drake has treated himself to two new tattoos, choosing images found on the emoji keypad on iPhones.

Pakistan International Airlines detained for smuggling iPhones

Most of the cabin crew of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight were detained by customs authorities at the airport here for allegedly smuggling 24 iPhones worth about Rs 2.5 million and also foreign currency.

Shun smartphone addiction with this surrogate model
Shun smartphone addiction with this surrogate model

Are you addicted to your smartphone and cannot find time for social outings? Try this NoPhone to shun the virtual world and stay closer to reality.

Hair brush that gets you the coolest selfie
Hair brush that gets you the coolest selfie

Do you find it problematic to attain a perfect selfie? Try this hair brush that will not only groom your hair but will also help you click a cool self-portrait.

Apple unveils iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Apple Watch

Putting to rest months of speculation, tech giant Apple today unveiled two thinner and larger screened smartphones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6-Plus, as it looks to fend off competition from Korean handset maker Samsung.

Twitter`s new feature now explains hashtags

Twitter rolled out a new feature on Friday that would explain commonly used hashtags.

App to turn your selfie into funny stickers

Want to share your face with friends at various social networking sites without them losing interest in you? Try this app that turns your selfies into stickers.

Phones, shoes to face scrutiny as airport security tightened: US

Airlines with direct flights to the United States have been told to tighten screening of mobile phones and shoes in response to intelligence reports of increased threats from al Qaeda-affiliated militant groups, US officials said on Thursday.

Yahoo to update, personalize mail app for iPhone

Yahoo has chosen to update its mail application for iPhone, creating new tabs for a personalized user experience.

Bond-like `smart gun` fires only when synced to specialised watch

Researchers have developed a new James Bond-like gun, which has been thought to be the world`s first smart gun.

Now, ChoiceMap on your iPhone to help you make daily life decisions

A new free iPhone app, called "ChoiceMap”.

Now, car monitoring device that can also talk to Facebook

Scientists have developed a new plug-in device, dubbed `Zubie`, which not only tracks a car`s condition and location, but also lets the owner share that information on Facebook.