Warmer air caused ice shelf collapse off Antarctica
Warmer air caused ice shelf collapse off Antarctica

Warmer air triggered the collapse of a huge ice shelf off Antarctica in 2002, according to a report on Thursday that may help scientists predict future break-ups around the frozen continent.

Catastrophic melting and outflow of buried ice lake on Mars created Aram chaos

A new study has claimed that Aram Chaos - the lumpy, bumpy floor of an ancient impact crater on Mars - formed because of catastrophic melting and outflow of a buried ice lake on Red Planet.

Antarctic summer ice melting 10 times faster: Study

Summer ice in the Antarctic is melting 10 times quicker than it was 600 years ago, a new study showed Monday.

`Melting of ice in Arctic and Himalayas to affect India, China`

Himalayan nations, including India and China, will be affected in a big way by the melting of the ice in Arctic and the glaciers in Himalayas, Iceland President lafur Ragnar Grimsson today warned.

Arctic sea ice shrinks while Antarctic grows

Last month the world witnessed two opposite records concerning sea ice.

`Shiny` sea ice spikes Arctic warming

The combination of melting sea ice and global atmospheric warming are contributing to the high rate of warming in the Arctic.

Record melt from Greenland icesheet in 2010

The 2010 runoff was more than twice the average annual loss in Greenland over the previous 3 decades.