Quakes at Iceland volcano ease slightly, no sign of eruption

Seismic activity at Iceland`s Bardarbunga volcano eased slightly overnight after a series of large quakes and there were still no signs of an eruption, the country`s Met Office said early on Monday.

Strong earthquakes shake Icelandic volcano on red alert

Two strong earthquakes on Sunday shook Iceland`s largest volcano, which is on red alert for imminent risk of eruption, the Icelandic Met Office said.

Eruption begins in Iceland`s Bardarbunga volcano, `red` alert issued to airlines

Iceland on Saturday closed airspace over certain areas after Bardarbunga volcano burst forth with a small eruption under the ice of Europe`s largest glacier.

Iceland evacuates area north of rumbling volcano

Iceland`s civil protection agency has decided to evacuate an area north of the country`s Bardarbunga volcano, saying it could not rule out an eruption.

Iceland postpones plans to drop EU bid

Iceland has postponed plans to withdraw its application for European Union membership, the government said Monday.

30,000 Icelanders demand referendum on EU membership

More than 30,000 Icelanders -- almost one in eight potential voters -- had signed a petition to demand a referendum on the pursuit of EU membership.

Gunman killed in Iceland`s `first` police shooting

Police in Iceland say they have shot dead a gunman the first time armed police have shot and killed someone in the nation.

Iceland`s first-ever police shooting leaves one dead

A man has been shot dead in Iceland`s first-ever armed police operation, officials said on Monday.

Watch video: `UFO` appears over the town of Akureyri in Iceland

A video footage of a fiery unidentified object descending towards a settlement in Iceland was uploaded on YouTube.

Pakistan named `least free` country in world on Internet freedom: Report

A report on the level of internet and digital media freedom in 60 countries has revealed that Pakistan is among the bottom ten countries of the list for being `least free`.

Iceland Parl rejects NSA whistleblower Snowden`s citizenship bid

Iceland has rejected a proposal to offer US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden Icelandic citizenship.

Iceland lawmakers discuss citizenship for Snowden

Icelandic lawmakers have introduced a proposal in Parliament to grant immediate citizenship to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden arrives in Moscow, may leave for another country

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who had stirred up a hornet’s nest by his latest revelations about the US spying extensively on China, arrived in Moscow on Sunday after leaving Hong Kong, reports said.

WikiLeaks plane `ready` to bring Snowden to Iceland

A chartered private jet is ready to bring US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden to Iceland from Hong Kong, a businessman connected to WikiLeaks said.

NSA whistleblower Snowden may seek asylum in Iceland

A middleman has reportedly used ` informal approach` to forward the request of seeking asylum in Iceland on behalf of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

US whistleblower must be in Iceland to seek asylum

Iceland said on Monday that US whistleblower Edward Snowden, who is currently holed up in a Hong Kong hotel, would have to travel to the country to be able to submit an asylum application.

Iceland campaigns to restrict internet pornography

In an attempt to deal with the issue of pornography and children`s exposure to the content through web, campaigners are appealing the government to introduce ways to block online pornography.

Iceland conservatives claim voter mandate for PM post

The head of Iceland`s conservative Independence Party said Sunday he had a mandate from voters to form a coalition, even as leftist rivals claimed the resurgent Progressive Party`s leader was a better choice.

WikiLeaks claims victory in Iceland court case

WikiLeaks has said it has secured a victory in Iceland`s SC against financial blockade imposed by Visa and MasterCard on donations for the secret-spilling site.

Iceland Prez showers praise on Uttarakhand

Iceland President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson today showered praise on Uttarakhand, saying the state is endowed with great natural beauty and has tremendous scope for power generation and tourism.