CCTV `shows Ikea suspect tried to kill self` after murders: Report

 CCTV footage from an Ikea store in Sweden where two people were stabbed to death earlier this week, show the alleged attacker trying to commit suicide, the Aftonbladet daily reported Wednesday.

Ikea kills world's most ambitious 'hide-and-seek' game

 A hide-and-seek match with more than 32,000 Facebook signees has been squashed by Ikea, a report said.

Now, futuristic furniture that can charge your smartphones
Now, futuristic furniture that can charge your smartphones

A new range of futuristic furniture has been developed that can charge smartphones, which that will bring an end to wire-filled rooms.

Luxembourg, Juncker under fire after global tax leaks

Luxembourg and its former premier Jean-Claude Juncker -- who is now the new head of the European commission -- came under fire on Thursday after leaked documents showed the tiny nation gave hundreds of global firms huge tax avoidance deals.

IKEA makes push for growth

IKEA, whose stadium-sized furniture stores draw shoppers from miles around, is making an online push.

IKEA execs detained over snooping allegations

Officials say senior executives of IKEA France are in police custody over allegations that they illegally spied on employees and customers.

New iPhone app pays users for taking pictures through smartphone

A new app on Apple iPhones and Android devices can get their users paid for every picture they click through their smartphones.

Horse meat found in Ikea`s Swedish meatballs

The Czech veterinary authority says it has detected horse meat in meat balls labeled as beef and pork imported by furniture retailer giant Ikea.

Ikea deleted women from Saudi version of catalog

Ikea is being criticized for deleting images of women from the Saudi version of its furniture catalog.