Global summit in Botswana tackles illegal wildlife trade

Politicians, activists and conservation experts meeting in Botswana on Wednesday vowed to fight the booming illegal wildlife trade that is decimating populations of elephants, rhinos and other threatened species.

`Conference on poaching in London opportunity for govt`

A conference on illegal wildlife trade being held in London is an opportunity for governments to tackle the issue that threatens existence of species like elephants, rhinos and tigers, a global wildlife agency said today.

China steps up protection of tigers

China has finalised two separate agreements with India and Russia to step up protection of tigers and other endangered species, the state-media reported Tuesday.

Illegal wildlife trade linked to terror groups: Natarajan

Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan said there is evidence that some wildlife crime syndicates are linked to terror groups.

Delhi meet to focus on curbing wildlife crime in South Asia

Besides driving many endangered species towards extinction, illegal wildlife trade strengthens criminal networks.

India, US join hands to tackle illegal wildlife trade

India and the US have decided to join hands to tackle illegal wildlife trade, which involves billions of dollars annually.

`India lucrative target for illegal wildlife trade`

India remains a "lucrative target" in the USD 20 billion illegal trade of wildlife articles per year, an official document says.