People have not heard our type of music: Madboy/Mink duo
People have not heard our type of music: Madboy/Mink duo

 Imaad, the actor-musician son of Bollywood veteran Naseeruddin Shah, and actress Saba Azad have combined their musical skills to form the Madboy/Mink band that belts out a mesh of old-school funk, disco and jazz. The two say their offering will take some time to warm up in the world of music.

Love for music made Imaad Shah into 'part-time' actor
Love for music made Imaad Shah into 'part-time' actor

 Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah's son Imaad is busy finding a vestibule for his band Madboy/Mink's entry into Hindi filmdom. He says the band has transformed him into a 'part-time' actor.

Naseeruddin Shah to write handbook for training young actors?

 Naseeruddin Shah, one of India's finest actors, says he might write a handbook for training young actors.

My father Naseeruddin Shah is my idol: Imaad Shah

If he makes no bones about losing the lead role in ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ because of his "long hair and beard", a contrast to a "sophisticated Wall Street guy", Imaad Shah is equally frank in admitting that his actor father Naseeruddin Shah is his "idol".

Bollywood turns our collective brains into chicken-feed: Director Q

Quashik Mukherjee, a true auteur, expresses his elation about Tasher Desh and his esoteric experimentation with the medium of cinema.

Irrfan Khan is doing weird films, says Naseer's son Imaad Shah

Imaad Shah, who is a great fan of Irrfan Khan, is not happy with his choice of movies.

I am very media shy: Imaad Shah

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah`s son Imaad, who shot to fame with the film `Dil Dosti Etc`, doesn`t believe that staying in constant limelight can get him good roles.

Naseer breaks his own rule, promotes son Imaad`s movie

Naseeruddin Shah is lending his presence at strategic places to promote his elder son`s forthcoming movie ‘404’.

Vivaan and I share a close bond: Imaad Shah

Actor Naseeruddin Shah`s son Imaad opens up about his bonding with younger brother Vivaan.