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French Muslim body calls for imams to require permit to preach

France's leading Muslim body called on Tuesday for imams to require a permit to preach in a bid to root out extremists, and for a new religious body to fight back against jihadist propaganda.

Muslim activist claims Muftis, Imams have issued fatwa against ISIS

Muslim activist claims Muftis, Imams have issued fatwa against ISIS

A Muslim activist has claimed that scores of Muftis, Imams and Islamic scholars have issued a fatwa against the leaders, fighters and followers of Middle-East terrorist group IS, and termed its actions as against the basic tenets of Islam.

Moroccan `FBI` and imam training keep jihadists at bay

Morocco, on guard against attacks like the Tunis museum massacre, prides itself on being a bastion against Islamist extremism with its anti-jihadist "FBI" and training of imams to preach tolerance.

UK imams unite against online extremists

 Ten leading imams in the UK have joined hands to counter online Islamist extremist propaganda that has led to a number of British Muslims being recruited by the dreaded Islamic State (IS) militant group.

Mamata to give `protection` to imams and muezzins

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday said that her government would extend all necessary `protection` to the imams and muezzins in the state as per law.

Allowance for Imams and Muezzins unconstitutional: HC

Calcutta High Court on Monday rejected an allowance announced by West Bengal government for Imams and Muezzins, ruling it to be unconstitutional and against the public interest.

Imams oppose UK gay marriage plans

More than 500 imams across Britain have protested against Prime Minister David Cameron`s plans for gay marriage to be legalised in the country.

Court refuses to stay honorarium to Imams

Mamata Banerjee Thursday announced her government`s plan to pay a monthly honorarium of Rs 2,500 to around 30,000 Imams in the state.

Imams given human rights training in Qatar

Imams or prayer leaders in Qatar are undergoing training to boost their knowledge on human rights.

Florida imams arrested for aiding Pak Taliban

Neighbours described Hafiz Khan and his family as "really quiet people”.

Libya buries imams `killed in NATO strike`

The 11 imams were reportedly killed when they gathered early Friday in Brega.

Pay salaries to imams as per SC directions: UPCC

A delegation of UP
Congress met Governor BL Joshi and handed him a
memorandum demanding salaries for imams (clerics) as per the
directions of the Supreme Court.

Govt working out scheme for payment of salaries to Imams

The Government is working out a plan to implement SC directive on payment of salaries to Imams, who are in-charge of religious activities in mosques.

Imams to boycott marriages where DJs perform

In view of a ban imposed by Muslim clerics on use of Disc Jockeys (DJ) by community members during weddings, hundreds of imams in the district have decided to keep away from marriages where their services are being utilised.

Imams want educational schemes, especially for Muslim girls

An umbrella body of Imams on Saturday demanded specific policy initiatives from the Centre to ensure better educational opportunities for the community.