Obama says he 'bent over backwards' on immigration reform

US President Barack Obama on Sunday said he "bent over backwards" over the immigration reform, so as to give the Congress and in particular the Republican leadership, an opportunity to help fix the broken system.

Obama asserts his commitment to immigration reform

US President Barack Obama has asserted his commitment to immigration reform during a meeting with nurses at the White House.

Barack Obama warns of ``narrow window`` to achieve immigration reform

Time is running out to pass immigration reform before the approach of the mid-term elections effectively precludes congressional action, US President Barack Obama said Tuesday during a meeting with leaders of law enforcement.

Barack Obama warns of narrow window for immigration reform

President Barack Obama warned Tuesday a narrow two to three month window remained to pass immigration reform before mid-term elections, seeking to keep alive perhaps his last hope for a major second term domestic achievement.

Obama holds meeting with religious leaders on Immigration

US President Barack Obama today convened a meeting of religious leaders to hold discussion on the immigration reform as he looked to ratchet up pressure on House Republicans to take the bill this year.

Good chance of getting immigration reform: Obama

President Barack Obama on Sunday said there is a good chance of pushing through contentious US immigration reform this year.

`Obama may accept deal offering legal status to 11m illegals`

US President Barack Obama signalled potential compromise on immigration reform that could provide path to citizenship to 11 million people, including some 2,40,000 Indians, in America illegally.

Obama pushes for passage of immigration reform by year end

US President Barack Obama on Thursday asked the Republican-majority House of Representatives to pass by the year end a stalled immigration bill over which India has expressed deep concern.

Bobby Jindal spells out 3-point formula to immigraion reform

Jindal said if and when the folks in Washington want to successfully reform the immigration system, they will have to accept the simple fact that it needs to be done in stages.

Immigration reform should attract the best, brightest: Obama

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday said that the country`s immigration reform, currently underway, should be able to attract "the best and the brightest" people from across the world "in a legal fashion".

Boston attacks must not derail immigration reform: White House

The comprehensive immigration reform should not be made a casualty of the Boston marathon attacks as the move would help enhance the nation`s security, the White House said in a statement today.

US immigration deal expected soon

A bipartisan group of senators plans to announce a deal within a week on the fate of over 11 million illegal immigrants, including some 260,000 Indians, living in the shadows, according to a media report.

Obama sure immigration reform coming soon

President Barack Obama is confident that immigration reform to resolve the problem of 11 million illegal immigrants, including some 260,000 Indians, is coming soon.

US economy stronger with immigrants’ talents: Obama

Real immigration reform, Obama said means fixing the legal immigration system to cut waiting periods.

Immigration reforms should be Obama`s priority: Survey

Over two-thirds of Americans believe that immigration reform should be a priority during President Barack Obama’s second term, according to a poll.

I`ve got another 5 years coming up: Obama

US President Barack Obama made no bones about his chances of re-election in an interview.

Thousands march to demand US immigration reform

Thousands of immigrants poured into the streets of Los Angeles on Sunday to demand that President Barack Obama fulfill his campaign promise to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants.

Begin work this year on immigration reform: Obama

Obama wants to begin work this year on legislation overhauling the US` immigration system.

Obama says he is committed to comprehensive immigration reform

Obama says he is committed to a comprehensive immigration reform, which is expected to benefit lakhs of illegal immigrants.