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Top seven health benefits of drinking lemon water!

 Lemon water is considered good for our body as it helps in restoring our health and rejuvenating the entire physical system. 

Top five benefits of drinking honey water!

Honey is considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world. 

2,000 protest in Romania over minister's immunity

The protesters briefly blocked traffic late Thursday in front of the upper house of parliament, waving placards bearing slogans such as "Corruption kills" and "Shame on You".

This is why you should eat tomatoes!

We all love to eat tomatoes as they are an implausibly versatile food and a powerhouse of nutritional benefits.

Five surprising health benefits of jaggery – From constipation to weight loss!

Jaggery, which acts as diuretic, can help stimulate bowel movements, thereby providing relief from constipation.

This is why you should drink water on an empty stomach!

We always drink water whenever we are thirsty or after eating something spicy or a meal.

Choir singing boosts immunity to fight cancer

Many people affected by cancer can experience psychological difficulties such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Top five health benefits of guava!

 Guava contains rich amount of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamin C and lycopene which are necessary for maintaing overall health.

Your guests may bring home immunity-improving bacteria!

Like having guests over? They may come with a host of unexpected visitors - millions of bacteria cells that could improve your immunity, scientists say.

Malaria immune-booster vaccine comes closer to reality

It was the first time scientists had pinpointed why the immune system fails to develop immunity during malaria infection.

Intestinal worms 'talk' to gut bacteria to boost immune system

In this study, the researchers looked at the effects of helminths that infect pigs.

Dengue during pregnancy can increase premature birth risk

Getting infected by the dengue virus during pregnancy, especially those who are in the second or third trimester, can increase the risk of premature birth, say doctors.

How being addicted to the internet could make you sick!

Spending too much time online can damage your immune function.

New vaccine approach to fight dengue

New vaccine approach to fight dengue

US researchers have devised an entirely new approach to vaccines - creating immunity against the dengue virus without vaccination.

Dairy products make probiotics more effective

 The success of probiotics for boosting human health may depend partly upon the food, beverages, or other material carrying the probiotics, a study shows.

Molecular switch that creates long-term immunity found

A protein responsible for preserving the antibody-producing cells that lead to long-term immunity after infection or vaccination has been found, new reserach shows.

Know why Zumba is good for health!

One of the most popular dance fitness forms—Zumba is a combination of aerobics coupled with dance moves.

Expert's tips to increase immunity during Monsoon!

Monsoon is here and yet, the rainy season can play havoc to your body. Because during monsoon, our digestion gets weakened, which in turn lowers our metabolism and increase fat storage.

Immunity from FEMA for disclosures of black money: Govt

The government will give immunity from prosecution under FEMA, Prevention of Money Laundering Act and four other laws to persons declaring undisclosed foreign assets under the compliance window of the new Black Money Act.

EU parliament lifts immunity for Sarkozy aide

 The European Parliament on Tuesday lifted the immunity of a French lawmaker wanted for questioning by judges over a scandal relating to the funding of former president Nicolas Sarkozy`s 2012 presidential campaign.