EU parliament lifts immunity for Sarkozy aide

 The European Parliament on Tuesday lifted the immunity of a French lawmaker wanted for questioning by judges over a scandal relating to the funding of former president Nicolas Sarkozy`s 2012 presidential campaign.

Mother's obesity may weaken baby's immunity

Babies born to obese mothers are likely to have weaker immunity than those born to lean mothers, says a new study.

App to help meet vitamin D requirements

Are you taking sufficient amount of vitamin D - essential for bone health and immunity - on a daily basis? If you don't know, this app will help you find out.

Eating cooked shiitake mushrooms everyday can boost immunity

A new study has revealed that eating cooked shiitake mushrooms everyday can boost the immunity.

Mushrooms may boost your immunity

A mushroom species native to Asia may boost immunity when eaten daily, a new study has claimed.

Protein that boosts immunity to viruses and cancer found

Scientists have discovered a protein that plays a central role in promoting immunity to viruses and cancer, an advance that may open the door to new therapies.

Fish oil helps unborn children develop immunity: Study

 An Australian study has found evidence that women taking fish oil capsules during pregnancy help their babies develop strong immunity when they are born.

Rice acquires stronger immunity through gene transfer
Rice acquires stronger immunity through gene transfer

 Gene transfer from a completely different plant species can significantly boost the built-in immunity of rice plants, suggests a new study.

High-salt diet may boost immune response: Study

High-salt diet is bad for health, say numerous studies, but a significant research now reveals that dietary salt could have a biological advantage -- defending the body against invading bacteria.

Even bacteria's DNA can affect your offspring

 The bacteria living inside your body can influence certain traits such as behaviour and weight and researchers have now found that these traits can pass from mother to offspring through bacterial DNA.

Know why kiwi fruit is good for health!

Zee Media Bureau/Irengbam Jenny

New Delhi: Kiwi fruit or kiwi has a sweet and unique flavour. Besides its exotic taste, the fruit contains numerous phytonutrients and is packed with more vitamins and minerals that promotes health.

Present Swine Flu strain less virulent

The strain of Swine Flu being witnessed currently is not as virulent as it was in 2009 but high risk groups need to be alert, a health official said here on Thursday.

Health benefits of Chikoo (Sapodilla)

Chikoo or Sapodillla is one of the most popular tropical fruit apart from mango, banana, and jackfruit. The fruit is exceptionally sweet and delicious which also contains high amount of nutritional values.  

'Bigg Boss 8': Gautam wins immunity, Praneet becomes captain!
'Bigg Boss 8': Gautam wins immunity, Praneet becomes captain!

The 'baap' of all reality shows on television—Bigg Boss, has entered almost the final phase of this season. The show has so far seen a a lot of ups and downs, with inmates fighting it out to win either captaincy or immunity in the tasks.

Health benefits of Jackfruit

Jackfruit, one of the tropical fruits available is both delicious to eat and even has a sweet taste.

Antibiotics resistance could kill 10mn a year by 2050

A British government-commissioned review has found that resistance to antibiotics could account for 10 million deaths a year and hit global gross domestic product by 2.0 to 3.5 percent by 2050.

Flu vaccines boost immunity against many strains

Researchers have found that seasonal flu vaccines protect individuals not only against the strains of flu they contain but also against many additional types.

6 absolute reasons why you should soak up the sun

Ritu Singh

“O, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.”

-Roman Payne

Nanobodies to help out in boosting immunity

Targetting difficult-to-reach areas affected by disease could become a lot easier as researchers have developed a new system to make nanobodies, the efficient tiny cousins of antibodies, the defensive proteins deployed by the immune system, more accessible.

Legal immunity for Modi challenged, group announces reward for serving summons

Challenging US officials' contention that Prime Minister Narendra Modi enjoyed immunity from lawsuits in US courts, a US-based group announced a $10,000 reward for successfully serving a US court's summons on him.