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Inbreeding may have led to extinction of woolly mammoth

Inbreeding coupled with a changing climate may have pushed the woolly mammoth into ultimate extinction, a new study suggests.

Inbreeding led to extinction of woolly mammoth: Study

Researchers have suggested that neck ribs in woolly mammoths can provide clues about their decline and eventual extinction.

Female mice prefer unfamiliar male songs when selecting mate

A new study has revealed that female mice prefer songs of mice that are different from their parents when selecting a mate in order to avoid the risk of inbreeding.

Scientists solve mystery of albino gorilla

Scientists have solved the long-standing mystery of the only known albino gorilla in the world, claiming that its unusual white colouring was the result of inbreeding.

Early human skull reveals signs of inbreeding

Skull pieces of an early human buried for 100,000 years at Xujiayao in the Nihewan Basin of northern China exhibit a now-rare congenital deformation that indicates inbreeding.

Storm petrel seabirds use smell to prevent inbreed

Seabirds are able to identify their relatives from smell alone, scientists have claimed.

All in the family: Inbreeding key to bedbug spread

After nearly disappearing in the United States, the bloodsucking pests have made a comeback in recent years.

Birds can smell kin, avoid inbreeding

Birds may have a more highly developed sense of smell than researchers suspected.