India open to free trade agreement with US

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
today said India is open to discussions on a free trade pact
with the US on the lines of the agreement New Delhi already
has with the 10-nation South East Asian bloc.

Partnership results anncmnt during PM’s visit: Roemer

India, US to announce tangible results of partnership during
PM visit: Roemer

N-deal step to partnership on non-proliferation: US

The Indo-US civilian nuclear
deal has opened up new pathways for partnership between the
two countries on non-proliferation issues globally, the White
House said today.

Obama gives Congress his report on India N-deal

As the US reaffirmed its
commitment to complete all steps of the civil nuclear deal
with India, President Barack Obama transmitted to the Congress
his first report on the landmark accord but the contents were
not made public.