Bitter pills necessary for growth: Shikha Sharma

In a candid interview with Mihir Bhatt of Zee Media Corp, Shikha Sharma shares her views on India`s growth prospects, upcoming Union Budget, inflation and much more.

Modi should go for quick disinvestment

Having received a decisive mandate, the world expects Modi to shun singles and doubles to focus on some lusty big hits!

DBS pegs FY15 GDP growth at 5.5% on positive poll outcome

The Dalal Street has been on a song for the past few weeks.

PMO cites growth data to insist Manmohan Singh was not weak

Pankaj Pachauri countered the damaging claims made by a former Media Adviser.

Reforms to give 110-mn job boost to economy in 10 yrs: Goldman

As general elections draw closer, global financial major Goldman Sachs said 40 million new manufacturing jobs can be created in a decade if states follow flexible labour laws like in Gujarat.