Rogan painting revived at 'Dastkar Basant'
Rogan painting revived at 'Dastkar Basant'

New Delhi, Feb 18 (IANS) The drastic fall in local demand for the fabric that used rogan printing has led to the its demise but at an annual craft fair in the capital this dying craft is on the revival mode.

Bharti Kher, Raza lead Saffronart auction race
Bharti Kher, Raza lead Saffronart auction race

Works of modern master S.H.Raza and contemporary artist Bharti Kher are leading the race for the sale of Saffronart's, India's biggest online art auction house, set to take place Feb 12, the organisers said Wednesday.

'Indians need to recover their rich heritage'
'Indians need to recover their rich heritage'

Yoga originated in India but this spiritual and mental discipline has failed to resonate with the country's masses, who mostly seek its virtues of physical fitness. But filmmaker and art historian Benoy K. Behl feels the Indian government's emphasis on yoga and the UN celebrating World Yoga Day June 21 have set the pace for a long innings.

Shared culture with India inspires Nepalese printmakers
Shared culture with India inspires Nepalese printmakers

 Printmakers Uma Shankar Shah and Seema Sharma Shah from Kathmandu are set to showcase their prints, a documentation of various Nepalese festivals here.

Gen-next artists of India on the rise

Art experts are optimistic about the rise of India's young contemporary artists, finds Farah Siddiqui.

Indian art, fashion, films to amalgamate in Singapore

A forthcoming event, Singapore Indian Icons of the Year 2014, will bring together known names from the world of Indian art, fashion and Bollywood on Aug 24 for a dazzling event with a unique segment of auctions here.

India culture ministry signs agreement with Tate

For collaboration on modern and contemporary art, the union culture ministry Thursday signed an agreement with Tate, an institution that houses Britain`s national art collection.

Banaras Utsav: Melting pot of arts, crafts, music, books

Art aficionados, cultural connoisseurs and litterateurs have a new destination later this month with the Banaras Utsav debuting in India`s cultural calendar.

Indian artists imagine an unknown Russia

The third edition of the ‘Indian Artists Paint Russia’ art camp brought together a group of artists here who painted images of the country solely based on their imagination.

US seizes stolen statues from Indian art dealer

The Manhattan District Attorney`s Office has also issued an arrest warrant for Subhash Kapoor for alleged possession of stolen property.

Rare Indian, Asian art at Christie`s sale

More than 1,800 Asian art works - including a large collection from India - estimated at $48 million will be auctioned by Christie`s at the Rockfeller Centre in New York.

Market for antiquities still strong in India: Neville Tuli

The market for antiquities - old miniature art - is emerging as a strong force in the country, Neville Tuli has said.

2011, a year where Indian art lost giants

Sorrow was overarching sentiment in the year for Indian art as it witnessed the death of stalwarts.

‘Looking at Indian art from western perspective must change’

Even as Indian art is gradually beginning to be recognised globally and local artists are seen at art fairs across the world, focused efforts like building more museums, imparting art education in schools and producing good art books is the need of the hour, say experts.

Family, friends recall Husain, colossus of Indian art

Family, friends and associates relived memories of India`s most popular face in contemporary and new media art MF Husain.

E-commerce changing India`s art mart: Saffronart CEO

E-commerce sites are changing the way people buy art in the country, says Dinesh Vazirani, CEO of India`s biggest online art auction house Saffronart.

Indian art 2.0: It’s the rise of Young Turks

They may never be able to substitute the pioneers of the genre, but experts said the younger lot could be a viable alternative for collectors.

`Eye on India` to celebrate Indian art and culture

The first annual `Eye on India` festival, an art exhibition and puppet show, is beginning today.

Indian art is flavour of Paris spring-summer

The colours of Indian art have been the flavour of the 2011 spring in France, taking to a new high the cultural exchange between the two countries.

Indian art is great, says SH Raza

Despite having lived and worked in France, 89-year-old Raza is deeply rooted in the Indian culture, its spirituality and philosophy.