Veteran journalist Arun Chacko dead

Veteran journalist Arun Chacko, who reported momentous events from around the world and held key positions in prominent Indian media outlets, died here Tuesday morning after a long battle with cancer.

Reports on Army movement near Delhi banned

The Allahabad HC restrained the media from publishing and broadcasting any news reports on the movement of two army units towards Delhi in January.

Troop movement report exaggerated: Defence Secy

Defence Secy Shashi Kant Sharma on Monday said the controversial report published by The Indian Express group about the unathourised movement of two Army units was highly exaggerated.

Troop movement report absolutely stupid: Army Chief

Army Chief Gen VK Singh Thursday
dismissed as "absolutely stupid" a report that the Indian government panicked for several hours in the face of unexplained troop movements near Delhi in January.

Army troop build up report alarmist: PM

PM Manmohan Singh on Wednesday dubbed the troop build up report as alarmist and said it should not be taken at face value.”

Army moved two units towards Delhi: Report

The Indian Express claimed that Indian Army had moved two units towards New Delhi without notifying the government on January 16.

Paes-Bhupathi to split at end of season

The `Indian Express` duo of Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi will split again at the end of this season and would not compete together in the season-opening Chennai Open early next year, official sources said on Thursday.

Get on with it: The Indian Express

Captive to its debilitating infighting, the BJP has been holding India’s parliamentary functions hostage to the vagaries of its internal politics.